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This platform is brought to you by the intergeo project, funded under the eContent Plus programme of the European commission and by partners

About the I2G Platform

This page shall document facts and links about the platform. is run by the Center for Educational Research in Mathematics and Technology at the department of didactics of the Martin Luther University of Halle Wittenberg.

It runs the XCLAMS server (the same as curriki) on a Mac Mini 2.5 GHz running MacOSX 10.7 Server.


  • 28th Januar 2008: launch of the first steps platform at DFKI within the inter2geo project
  • 31st December 2008: beta2
  • … move to Karlsruhe, host on a Mac Mini
  • … move to Halle

Platform Overview

I2geo is hosted by an Apache server running mod-rewrite and proxying most of its work to an underlying XWiki run within an Apache Tomcat and using MySQL. This XWiki is an XCLAMS, based on

The XClams has been adapted to i2geo and has been enriched with:

  • the SearchI2G component for input terms, searching, and annotating in a cross-curriculum fashion and the Competency editor (see GeoSkills)
  • a series of static resources
  • the i2geo quality framework
Following the traditions of the above project, the extensions are open-source (see below).

More information can be found below and in the platform overview for the ODS kick-off.

Enhancements in Process

Responsible Persons

and former workers Marion, Santiago, Henry, Christian, Cyrille...



Persons interested to re-use parts of i2geo may do so with the following projects which can be combined using the (now somewhat old) administration manual:

  • i2gCurrikiFork: the fork of Curriki/Xclams for the i2geo purposes
  • SearchI2G: the component for term input, search, and annotation
  • GeoSkills: the ontology of search and annotation
  • CompEd: the competency editor to enrich GeoSkills terms
  • some leftovers are still available in the former intergeo svn