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Editorial Activities

Here we document tasks/issues/work that we expect editors will face. For now we have a list of pointers targetting editorial work to be done:

  • Ulli Kortenkamp indicated the Compadre as a nice example of a library we could be looking like: . To which Paul responded that this is fully a hand work. A long thread followed where basically we identified the need to the following tasks in each language:
      • have featured resources in several places, often edited
      • have topic-based lists (this is IG-51)
      • have a home page that is often cared for
  • one noted also that there's no visible resources, probably IG-290 will fix it
  • the approach of youtube and many others to have a resource immediately visible on the first page and see immediately that you can contribute is missing
  • is there a way to prevent duplicates?
  • is there a way to prevent spamming?
  • Joshua Marks on Currriki-dev indicated an amount of the editorial activity which is done by the Curriki team:
      • user interface text and translations management
      • Front page editorial content including "Featured Content" "Featured Members" "Featured Partners" etc.
      • Daily File check
      • CRS (The Curriki Review System)- Things are nominated by users then reviewed
      • Weekly organizational Blogs, Twitter and...
      • Creation and updating of the Help Collection
      • outreach effort to solicit or acquire a comprehensive set of "Core" resources
Evangelization? Online courses?

this document should be considered with Christian Dohrmann's:

(several of these documentation tasks have choked on the how to best display a video)