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This platform is brought to you by the intergeo project, funded under the eContent Plus programme of the European commission and by partners

Preparation for the review Nov 12th

20 minutes for wp2,wp3, wp4.


  • Please look at previously presented slides at the review in the 2008
  • deliverables made since then:
    • D 4.4 Administrators’ manual for Community platform
    • D 3.5 API specifications
    • D 3.6 Common File Format v2
    • D 4.6 Revised System (accessibility)
    • D 3.8 Report on Implementations of File Formats
    • D 4.7 Usage analysis report and platform
    • D 2.6 Report on Ontology and Metadata Validation
    • D 3.10 Revised and extended file format (final version)

Possible Content

(lots too much probably, I think our job is to present highlights of the deliverables)

Please complement with format novelties. And with enrichments.


  • evolution of search and contribute
    • curriculum coverage: finalized...
    • subjects
    • software lists… (?)
    • advanced search
    • kharma
    • browsers compatibility hunts!
  • platform evolution:
    • polishes (count bugs etc...) feedback measures
    • merged i2geo/inter2geo
    • translation infrastructure
    • notifications
    • vignettes

    • ontology
    • metadata schema
opened issues / lessons learned:

  • deprecation mechanism
  • learning objects interop?
  • curriculum linking: easier?
  • managing "watched" ? (friend of (a friend of) this resource)