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This platform is brought to you by the intergeo project, funded under the eContent Plus programme of the European commission and by partners

The GeoSkills Ontology


older news on the bottom.

Cross the Curricula! GeoSkills

The GeoSkills ontology is an effort at encoding the competencies, topics, and educational levels of the mathematics curriculum standards throughout Europe. Its main purpose is to be the language of annotation and query of the resources of i2geo, the intergeo platform. It is the main ingredient of it cross-curriculum search.

Use it

Address it

The URI of the ontology is . which is also a URL that is both valid for the ontology processors (which receives, when GETting it, the OWL file) as well as developers (which will receive, when letting a browser GETting it, this HTML page).

Please distribute this URL to talk about GeoSkills and not, for example, the URL of this page. It is intended to stay very long.

Mailing list

GeoSkills has been built by the work-package-2 of the former inter2geo project. It is now evolving following discussions in the

Everyone is welcome.

Read about it

People speak about it

  • curriculum encoders' group
  • i2geo users' forum a list discussing usage of the platform where, often, remarks about annotation capabilities are talked about
  • the WP2 mailing-list: the list of the work-package of the intergeo project that designs the GeoSkills ontology. It is made of consortium (core and associate) partners

Older news

  • [2009-11] Spanish curriculum encoding completed for ESO
  • [2009-08] first curriculum-text browsing: use it to search for resources relevant to the given curriculum section: first versions of the French Curriculum (classe de seconde, thanks to Colette Laborde, others only accessible in PDF), and of the Spanish ESO curriculum (thanks to Albert Creus-Mir)
  • [2009-07-07] Cyrille Desmoulins has presented CompEd and GeoSkills at the SWEL workshop 2009 (see paper)
  • [2009-06-25] The query expansion process of i2geo cross curriculum search is explained in details (Cyrille Desmoulins and Paul Libbrecht)
  • [2009-03-30] German and Czech encoders' are at work
  • [2009-03-09] The competency editor CompEd is now officially online (Martin Homik main developer)
  • [2008-12-05] GeoSkills has 748 competencies, 403 topics, and 120 competency processes
  • [2008-11-25] CompEd is now looking usable… comments on the GUI welcome!
  • [2008-03-31] GeoSkills web-browsable: OWLdoc
  • ....