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This platform is brought to you by the intergeo project, funded under the eContent Plus programme of the European commission and by partners

About I2G Metadata


About I2G Metadata

The Intergeo Metadata Schema is the model of information that is manipulated to characterize a resource within the intergeo platform. Its components include bibliographic information, technical information, and pedagogic information. Most of the information in the metadata is to be processed in the Intergeo platform, first input by someone when submitting a resource, then used in searches, lists, and display on the platform.

The I2G metadata specification provides a LOM application profile, that is, a specification of a set of metadata symbols that contains a sizeable subset of the IMS LOM specification. A link to the precise description of this metadata specification can be found below.

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How to obtain the LOM record of a resource

You can visit the HTML page of the resource under consideration, look at the header in the source code of the HTML document, and find the link element that has the type attribute "application/lom+xml". This URL gives the LOM XML document according to the i2geo metadata specification. You can download it by pasting this URL into your browser's location bar.


As of today the resource at the URL

has the LOM record

For safety, a cached version is also downloadable.

If you wish to index the whole site, you can easily do so by downloading the sitemap (warning, long download) then filtering all the documents whose parent directory starts with "Coll_" then use the algorithm above to obtain the record. Drop us a line if you do so or wish us to implement a different harvesting mechanism.

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