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Intergeo and Standards

About this Page

The objective of this page is to collect standards of relevance to Intergeo and to express in a sentence where in the Intergeo project that standard could fit or fits or why it cannot apply.

List of Standards by Name


  • SCORM: a packaging format for collections of resources. SCORM packages, or commons-cartridge packages, will be provided by Curriki one day.
  • LOM: Learning Objects Metadata is the widespread learning-object metadata schema, a very generic schema which has been specialized as the Intergeo Metadata application profile
  • LD: Learning Design is an IMS standard to describe learning activities, it is potentially of use for the lesson-plans that can be created in Curriki, currently beyond the focus of simply sharing interactive geometry resources
Technical content standards:
  • OpenMath: semantic encoding of mathematical formulæ. Is used at least for the content-dictionaries that describe the contraints usable in the I2G format
  • MathML: presentation, and semantic, encoding of mathematical formulæ: may be applicable to encode formulæ in the I2G format.
  • TeX: is not a standard but a programme. Flavours of TeX can be used in many geometry system for labels.
  • XML: generic tree-like markup structure. Is used in the metadata and I2G format.
  • OWL: the Web ontology language is used in the GeoSkills ontology
Technical Protocols:
  • Metablogger: is of relevance to let desktop geometry systems upload resources.