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This platform is brought to you by the intergeo project, funded under the eContent Plus programme of the European commission and by partners

Platform Changes Log

this page documents, with time stamp, each of the changes to the platform that are performed… trying to keep a log of changes.

2012-09-05 Host names for groups

  • following the launch of, an i2geo group for the visionary workshops of OpenDiscoverySpace
  • enriched the rewrites of so that each group registered in the list has a home that is a short host name, both as a redirect and as a proxy. This introduces a slight performance penalty (because embedded resources are downloaded again for that domain) but allows real short URLs which can be exchanged by anyone (since you copy the location bar) and these URLs to be typed easily in the location bar

2012-05-08 Fixed List by Systems

  • the method resourcesCursor.buildQueryParser() returns a parser that is does stemming on too many fields, in particular the file-type fields. This meant that a search for cdy was becoming a search for cdi… which returned no result. Now fixed by manual reversion thanks to All Resources For File Type Groovy.

2012-05-03 Activation of Service Emails

  • fiddled with the MacOSX server mail config and the Postfix config
  • still completely shaky and unpredictable
  • this time used and originals, copied them over, brought back properties from backups, injected host-name and fallback from virtual: at least notify and webmaster work; so that it cannot be that users reply to a broken email
  • a restart of the platform still needs a restart of postfix (postfix start)

2012-04-04 Move of IG project to Youtrack

2011-11-xx Platform Move