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This platform is brought to you by the intergeo project, funded under the eContent Plus programme of the European commission and by partners

Platform Polishes


This sheet describes ideas for the polish of within the timeframe of OpenDiscoverySpace (April 2012 - March 2015).

Tasks here are being organized in tracks, which get some priority from time to time. Achieved tasks move to the Platform Log.


Quality Polishes

  • feedback channels: ensure they are all usable and working:
    • move the IRC channel, and install a bot?
    • finalize the move to YouTrack, mark releases, document difference between this page and youtrack
  • search evaluations rounds
  • shorter (/xwiki/bin/view/-less) URLs (done for: /About/ and /Coll_xxx: they can be called but you need to type them)
  • applet playability polishes
    • upgrade all DGSs cores
    • (auto?)-annotate resources with attachments (look into zips as well?)
    • test and gather test-cases for construction displayers
  • lower the notifications amount: only one mail per email-address, only when not yourself


  • API for submitting directly from a DGS
  • better visibility of "combined resources"
  • resource counts display in skills-text-box's list
  • some "general user-interface initiative" ?
  • basic "likes" button (leverage CRS?)
  • basic "useful" button?
  • consider Safari compatibility… do we still want to warn or just put a line "sorry, no editor"


  • deploy a monitoring tool that even detect the full-screen-width breakage (missing main content) (Zabbix using MacPorts, Nagios, AlertSite?)
  • revise emergency methods
  • wake up again

Resources Curations

  • curate dead links (use Web Home but first disable notifications on positive FileCheck)
  • remove traces of the "trace" message
  • make all zip files startable as much as possible
  • do a panorama of a few typical search and make sure it is inclusive: should some resources be more annotated? are there topics ambiguities?
  • editorial content re-org: make sure inter2geo projects' documents all show as past and archived
  • learning-levels population with words (and display?)
  • annotations curriculum texts with levels and back


  • metadata exposure polish
  • harvesting protocol implementation


Base trust: June

  • monitoring tool deployed
  • feedback channels up, running, and archived
  • emergency methods updated and tested
  • first platform repository on github

Clean-up In Process: August

  • level names cleaned
  • notifications cleanup
  • gardening tools (tools to detect broken links and detect rests of traces) workable
  • applets playability checked with a sturdy sample, upgrade to new cores
  • back up

Federation Starter: September

  • LOM export enrichment (Curriki, Learn:Line at least)
  • OAI PMH first
  • attempts at merging as a fork of xclams
  • bookmarklet?

Federation In Process: November

  • upload API for Java tools
  • OAI PMH running and tested
  • all resources cleaned
  • test-suite tools