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ActiveMath Phrases, English

  1. $Id:,v 1.274 2011/01/24 23:54:39 srdh01 Exp $
  1. English phrase file for ActiveMath
  2. this is the reference file for the ActiveMath translations.
  3. please upload to
  1. Note: This file must be UTF-8 encoded.
  2. 'ant i18n' will translate it into an ASCII file in i18n/ascii,
  3. which will be loaded by ActiveMath.
  1. Note: The properties format demands that a single quote "'" is written as
  2. two single quotes: "''"
  1. Note: You can use MessageFormat parameters, for example:
  1. main.greeting="Hello {0}, how are you?"
  1. then say eg.
  1. $i18n.phrase("main.greeting", "$user.Name")
  1. Currently, up to 2 parameters are supported ("{0}" and "{1}").


  1. General phrases

  1. Each language name should be in you local language as well as in that language,
  2. e.g. "German (Deutsch)" (Deutsch) language.en=English (Français) (Español) (Italiano) (Русский) language.zh=Chinese (中文) (Nederlands) language.cs=Czech (Čeština) (Magyar) (Suomi) language.any=any


  1. Selected ISO 3166 alpha-3 codes (European Union + high probability countries)
  2. see
# = Australia = Austria = Belgium = Bulgaria = Bosnia and Herzegovina = Canada = Switzerland = China = Costa Rica = Cyprus = Czech Republic = Germany = Danmark = Spain = Estonia = Finland = France = United Kingdom = Georgia = Greece = Kroatia = Hungary = India = Ireland = Italy = Lithuania = Luxembourg = Latvia = Malta = Netherlands = Norway = New Zealand = Poland = Portugal = Romania = Russian Federation = Slovakia = Slovenia = Sweden = Turkey = USA = South Africa

  1. Summary Regions = South America = Middle America = Middle East = Asia = Africa country not set -

  1. name of skins
skin.none=ActiveMath Default skin.leam-blue=ActiveMath Blue skin.ioe=University of Westminster skin.maxwell=Maxwell skin.mathbridge=Math-Bridge


  1. Omdoc phrases
  1. keys have the form "omdoc.."
# omdoc.assertion=Theorem or Assertion omdoc.assertion.lemma=Lemma omdoc.assertion.theorem=Theorem omdoc.axiom=Axiom omdoc.definition.simple=Definition omdoc.definition=Definition omdoc.exercise=Exercise omdoc.example=Example omdoc.interaction=Interaction omdoc.omgroup=Group omdoc.omtext=Note or other Text omdoc.omtext.abstract = Abstract Concept omdoc.omtext.annote = Annotation omdoc.omtext.antithesis = Antithesis omdoc.omtext.conclusion = Conclusion omdoc.omtext.elaboration=Elaboration omdoc.omtext.evidence = Evidence omdoc.omtext.introduction=Introduction omdoc.omtext.motivation = Motivation omdoc.omtext.note = Note/Text omdoc.omtext.thesis = Thesis omdoc.ppmethod=Method omdoc.proof=Proof omdoc.symbol=Symbol omdoc.theory=Theory omdoc.misconception=Misconception omdoc.symbolpresentation=Symbol Notation

  1. used in "Example for 'Definition of a group'"
omdoc.for={0} for ''{1}''

omdoc.metadata.difficulty.very_easy=very easy omdoc.metadata.difficulty.easy=easy omdoc.metadata.difficulty.medium=medium omdoc.metadata.difficulty.difficult=difficult omdoc.metadata.difficulty.very_difficult=very difficult omdoc.metadata.difficulty.=- not available -

omdoc.metadata.field.computer_science=Computer Science omdoc.metadata.field.mathematics=Mathematics omdoc.metadata.field.statistics=Statistics omdoc.metadata.field.psychology=Psychology omdoc.metadata.field.biology=Biology omdoc.metadata.field.chemistry=Chemistry omdoc.metadata.field.physics=Physics omdoc.metadata.field.economy=Economics omdoc.metadata.field.historical=Science of History omdoc.metadata.field.sports=Sports omdoc.metadata.field.other=other field omdoc.metadata.field.all=no special field

omdoc.metadata.learningcontext.university_first_year=University, 1st Year omdoc.metadata.learningcontext.university_second_year=University, 2nd Year omdoc.metadata.learningcontext.university_third_year=University, 3rd Year omdoc.metadata.learningcontext.university_fourth_year=University, 4th Year or higher omdoc.metadata.learningcontext.university_first_cycle=University, Undergraduate Studies omdoc.metadata.learningcontext.university_second_cycle=University, Graduate Studies omdoc.metadata.learningcontext.university_post_grade=University, Postgraduate Studies omdoc.metadata.learningcontext.technical_school_first_year=Technical School, 1st Year omdoc.metadata.learningcontext.technical_school_second_year=Technical School, 2nd Year omdoc.metadata.learningcontext.technical_school_third_year=Technical School, 3rd Year omdoc.metadata.learningcontext.technical_school_fourth_year=Technical School, 4th Year or higher omdoc.metadata.learningcontext.technical_school_first_cycle=Technical School, Undergraduate Studies omdoc.metadata.learningcontext.technical_school_second_cycle=Technical School, Graduate Studies omdoc.metadata.learningcontext.primary_education=School, Primary Education omdoc.metadata.learningcontext.secondary_education=School, Secondary Education omdoc.metadata.learningcontext.higher_education=School, Higher Education omdoc.metadata.learningcontext.professional_formation=Professional Formation

  1. should not be used:
  2. omdoc.metadata.learningcontext.continuous_formation=Continuous Formation
omdoc.metadata.learningcontext.vocational_training=Vocational Training omdoc.metadata.learningcontext.=- not set -

omdoc.metadata.competence-level.knowledge = knowledge omdoc.metadata.competence-level.comprehension = comprehension omdoc.metadata.competence-level.application = application omdoc.metadata.competence-level.transfer = transfer

omdoc.metadata.competency.think = think omdoc.metadata.competency.argue = argue omdoc.metadata.competency.model = model omdoc.metadata.competency.solve = solve omdoc.metadata.competency.represent = represent omdoc.metadata.competency.language = language omdoc.metadata.competency.communicate = communicate = tools

  1. Name of anonymous user instance


  1. Navbar
# navbar.main-menu=Main Page navbar.notes=Notes navbar.profile=My Profile navbar.profile.prefs=Display Options User Data navbar.profile.knowledge=My Knowledge navbar.profile.learner-model=My Learner Model navbar.profile.calcProgress=Calculate Progress Creation Plotter Pages Map Tool Tool Assessment Algebra System (CAS)
  1. Dialogue System Reasoner Console navbar.print=Print Whole Book (PDF) Current Page Current Page (PDF) navbar.login=Login navbar.logout=Logout navbar.impressum=Legal


  1. Login/Logout
# login.doctitle=ActiveMath - Login login.intro-text=Please enter your login name and password. If you use ActiveMath for the first time, choose the link "New Registration". login.username=Login: login.password=Password: login.permanentLogin=Remember me on this computer. login.register=New Registration logout.doctitle=ActiveMath - Logged Out logout.pagetitle=Logout logout.message.1=You logged out successfully, {0}. logout.message.2=We hope you enjoyed working with ActiveMath. logout.message.3=You can login again or continue to use ActiveMath anonymously. logout.message.survey=If you want to help us improve ActiveMath, please click {0}here{1}.


  1. Main Menu
# main.doctitle=ActiveMath - Main Page main.pagetitle=Main Page main.greeting=Hello {0}. main.greeting-sub=This is the main page of ActiveMath. Please choose one of the books. main.prerecorded-books=Prerecorded Books Books main.tests=Tests main.tutor-books=Published Books main.sortby.language=sort by title main.sortby.collection=sort by collection main.create-books-intro=With ActiveMath, you can create personal books to suit your needs. Just try it! main.create-books.anon-note=To use this feature, you have to login first. books available. tests available. groupings available. main.create-new-book=Create a book main.books-in-my-language=English Books: main.books-in-other-languages=Books in other languages: main.logged-in-as=Logged in as: {0} main.not-logged-in=Not logged in. main.number-of-pages=Number of pages: {0} main.number-of-excersices=Number of exercises: {0}
  1. params: ,
main.newbie-welcome={0}Here{1}''s a short introduction to ActiveMath. main.newbie-welcome.assessment=In order for ActiveMath to estimate your knowledge, you could {0}try a few exercises{1}. main.anon-welcome=To use and see all features of ActiveMath, you have to login. this book main.test.tooltip=Start this test main.tests-pending.1=

Please note:

Before you continue, please take the following test: main.tests-pending.2=Your tutor has marked this test as compulsory for your group. done: {0}, left: {1}, success: {2}%


  1. Book
# book.start-exercise=Start exercise book.bookmark=Bookmark book.for-this-page=for this page book.goto-next-page=Next Page book.goto-prev-page=Previous Page


  1. Items/Learning objects
# for this item item.tooltip.difficulty=Difficulty: {0} item.your-opinion=Your Opinion

  1. item menu for this item: from this page in Search copyright information more content… Notes aloud the content to the page to page content was found: the action menu for this item menu Sorry, no content found. You could try the Search tool. introduce referring to: missing prerequisites


  1. Book Management
# bookmgr.title=Book Management bookmgr.rename=Rename bookmgr.rename-prompt=New Book Title: bookmgr.remove=Delete bookmgr.confirm-remove=Are you sure you want to delete this book? bookmgr.slides=Show Slides bookmgr.print=Print (as PDF) bookmgr.assembly=Edit in Assembly Tool - Info

  1. arg: title of book/chapter on Book: {0} on Chapter: {0} Book (as PDF) LaTeX file Book = Open in Exercise Sequencer not available - tutor book was published by user ''{0}''. changed: of Pages: Time: in: of items: of Collection: Books: Knowledge: current knowledge state is indicated by colors, which have the following meaning: Details Details {0} from the Book book.pdf.created=Created by ActiveMath on {0} for user {1}.


  1. TOC
# to fold/unfold


  1. Applets
# applet.preview.tooltip=Start Interactive Example applet.doctitle=ActiveMath Applet: {0}


  1. Knowledge / Mastery
# knowledge.pagetitle=My Knowledge knowledge.doctitle=ActiveMath - My Knowledge knowledge.head=Meaning of the knowledge indicators:

knowledge.mastery.intro= This page gives you an overview of your knowledge state. The big squares in front of a book title indicate your knowledge of the entire book, whereas the smaller boxes in the knowledge bars represent knowledge of a specific page.
Clicking on such a box will take you to the corresponding page.

knowledge.mastery.level0.exp=No information available. knowledge.mastery.level1.exp=Careful, you should improve your knowledge here. knowledge.mastery.level2.exp=Well, there is more to know about it. knowledge.mastery.level3.exp=Okay, but could be better. knowledge.mastery.level4.exp=Good, you seem to understand this well. knowledge.mastery.level5.exp=Great, you seem to know this very well.

  1. param: mastery value
knowledge.mastery.tooltip=Knowledge: {0}%. Click for more details.

learnermodel.doctitle=ActiveMath - My Learner Model


  1. Help
# help.doctitle=ActiveMath Help


  1. Exercises
# exercises.doctitle=ActiveMath - Exercise exercises.pagetitle=Exercise exercises.user-input-syntax = Input syntax exercises.evaluate-exercise-step = Evaluate exercises.send-exercise-step-input = Send exercises.restart-exercise = Restart exercises.hint = Hint exercises.proc_hint = Process Hint exercises.conc_hint = Conceptual Hint exercises.prod_hint = Product Hint exercises.solution = Solution exercises.giveup = Give Up exercises.back = Go back exercises.finish = Finish exercises.strategy = Exercise strategy exercises.user-input-syntax-help = Input syntax help exercises.selection-answer-is-not-complete = The answer is not complete. exercises.ended=Your exercise is over, please close the window. #also used by exercise sequencer, careful when changing! exercises.close-button=Close exercises.activate-input-editor = Activate Input Editor exercises.input-syntax-error=Input Syntax Error exercises.assessment.proceed=The exercise is finished, please proceed to next page of the assessment. exercises.assessment.skip=You can skip this exercise, and proceed to the next page. exercises.confidence.message=Indicate in the box below how confident you are about your answer. exercises.drconsole.pagetitle=Domain Reasoner Console exercises.drconsole.htw.acknowledgment=Domain Reasoner by HTW website exercises.uservariables.delete=Delete exercises.uservariables.switchtowiris=Switch to Wiris Input Editor exercises.uservariables.switchtolinear=Change to normal Input exercises.uservariables.apply=Apply exercises.uservariables.close=Close exercises.uservariables.myvariables=My Variables exercises.uservariables.error=The variable name at row:{0} in red is too complicated, please rename it and then apply for the changes. exercises.uservariables.duplicate=The variable name at row in yellow has duplicated values, please rename it and then apply for the changes.


  1. Assessment result
# exercises.assessment.result.pagetitle=Assessment Result exercises.assessment.result.doctitle=ActiveMath - Assessment Result exercises.assessment.result.message.1=Congratulations, you have completed your assessment test. exercises.assessment.result.message.2=Here are the results: exercises.assessment.result.topic=Concept exercises.assessment.result.score=Score (0, 1?) exercises.assessment.result.reliability=Reliability (0, 1?)


  1. Self-Report tool
# selfreport.intro=If you want, you can send a report about this exercise. selfreport.question= selfreport.liking.question=I like this kind of exercise. selfreport.liking.value1=I fully agree. selfreport.liking.value2=I don''t agree at all. selfreport.pride.question=I am happy with how I solved the exercise. selfreport.pride.value1=I fully agree. selfreport.pride.value2=I don''t agree at all. selfreport.satisfaction.question=I am satisfied with the result. selfreport.satisfaction.value1=I fully agree. selfreport.satisfaction.value2=I don''t agree at all.


  1. Administration
# admin.backlink=Back admin.forwardlink=Forward admin.books.access.groupings=Access to Planner Groupings admin.books.access.recbooks=Access to Books admin.books.access.surveys=Access to Questionnaires admin.books.access.usage-note=This page allows you to restrict the visibility of elements such as books, planer groupings and questionnaires to certain groups. If no checkmark is set, visibility is not restricted and the element is visible. admin.books.publish.usage-note=As tutor, you can make your own books available to other users. admin.books.goto-access=Manage Group Books admin.books.goto-publish=Manage Tutor Books admin.books.heading.access=Book Access for Groups admin.books.heading.publish=Tutor Books admin.books.submitbutton=Save admin.books.cancelbutton=Cancel admin.books.clear-all=clear admin.books.books-to-publish=You can publish these personal books: admin.books.books-to-publish.note=A copy of this book will be made available to all users as prerecorded book. admin.books.books-published=These personal books are already published: admin.books.books-to-republish.note=Changes to your own book will appear in the prerecorded book. admin.books.books-to-unpublish.note=Remove this book from the list of prerecorded books admin.books.confirm-unpublish=Are you sure you want to unpublish this book? admin.books.publish-book=publish admin.books.republish-book=republish admin.books.unpublish-book=unpublish admin.books.status.settings-saved=Your changes have been saved. admin.groups.error=Error: admin.groups.nogroup=No group admin.groups.heading=Group List admin.groups.heading-create=Create New Group admin.groups.heading-edit=Edit Group Settings admin.groups.submitbutton=Save admin.groups.cancelbutton=Cancel (Back to group list) admin.groups.confirmdelete=Are you sure you want to delete group ::groupId::? admin.groups.options.heading=You have the following options: admin.groups.options.submitbutton=Go! admin.groups.options.cancelbutton=Cancel admin.groups.options.move=Go on and instead move all members to group: admin.groups.options.delete=Go on and also delete all members of the group admin.groups.options.cancel=Cancel delete request admin.groups.create=Create a group admin.groups.groupid=Group ID admin.groups.groupname=Group Name admin.groups.hidden=Hidden admin.groups.controlgroup=Control Group admin.groups.parentgroup=Parent Group admin.groups.field=Field admin.groups.field.none=unset admin.groups.members=Members admin.groups.goto-tutors=Manage Tutors for Group admin.groups.tutors=Tutors admin.groups.tutors.heading=Access to Groups admin.groups.tutors.usage-note=This page allows you to restrict group access for tutors. Access is restricted to actions (such as adding or removing users) and event data (reports). admin.groups.restrictions.books=Restrict to books admin.groups.restrictions.groupings=Restrict to planner groupings admin.groups.restrictions.surveys=Restrict to questionnaires admin.groups.restrictions.note=Note: Inherited restrictions
cannot by modified books found groupings found questionnaires found admin.groups.tests=Tests Id admin.groups.tests.timelimits=Time limit (minutes) admin.groups.tests.compulsory=Compulsory? admin.groups.tests.compulsory.tooltip=Warning: if a test is marked compulsory, every group member must take this test before other books are accesssible again. admin.groups.tests.compulsory.warning= Are you sure? If a test is marked compulsory, every group member must take this test before other books are accesssible again. tests configured admin.groups.change-settings-for=Change settings for admin.groups.actions=Actions admin.groups.actions.edit=Edit admin.groups.actions.delete=Delete admin.groups.actions.create-members=Create members admin.groups.actions.view-members=View members groups available! are not allowed to access group {0}! group found for group ID {0}.'t delete group {0}, since it still contains some users!'t delete group {0}, since it's the parent group for {1}! tried to create a user group which already exists! Group ID: {0} admin.groups.error.invalid-action=You did not supply a supported action! admin.groups.error.invalid-groupid=Invalid group id (at least 4 characters: lowercase letters, digits, "." or "-"). admin.groups.error.invalid-migration=You tried migrating from or to a non-existent user group! Group IDs: {0}, {2}. admin.groups.error.could-not-fetch-user=There was an internal error: Could not fetch user with ID {3}. {0} created. {0} deleted. admin.groups.status.settings-saved=Settings for group {0} were saved. admin.users=Users admin.users.logged-in=logged in admin.users.heading=User listing admin.users.confirmdelete=Are you sure you want to delete user ::userId::? admin.users.all-groups=<All><None> admin.users.create-users=Create new users admin.users.export-csv=Export as CSV admin.users.import-csv=Import users from CSV admin.users.clearbutton=Clear admin.users.submitbutton=Filter! admin.users.registered-users=Users registered admin.users.list-all=list all admin.users.empty-list=Empty user list! didn't return any matches! admin.users.go-to-page=Go to Page Nr.: admin.users.result=result after filtering admin.users.results=results after filtering ID admin.users.headings.roles=Roles admin.users.headings.learningcontext=Learning Context admin.users.headings.field=Field admin.users.headings.language=Lang. admin.users.headings.actions=Actions admin.users.actions.edit=edit admin.users.actions.delete=delete admin.users.actions.calculate-progress=calculate state admin.users.actions.reset-progress=reset state admin.users.zombie=<zombie> admin.users.create.heading=Create new users admin.users.create.success=Successfully created users {0} to {1}! admin.users.upload.success=Successfully created users admin.users.create.base-id=Base ID admin.users.create.suffix-start=Start suffix with index admin.users.create.user-number=Number of users to create admin.users.create.current-result=Current settings result admin.users.create.user-default-settings=User default settings admin.users.create.submitbutton=Create Users admin.users.create.cancelbutton=Cancel (Back to user list) admin.users.create.errors.names-taken=An error occurred during user creation: Some usernames were already taken! All but the following users were created: clash detected, no users were created. The following user IDs are already taken: admin.users.create.error.invalid-settings=Current settings are invalid! admin.reports.heading=Reports admin.reports.type=Type admin.reports.type.exercise-performance=Exercise Performance admin.reports.type.surveys=Questionnaires admin.reports.type.exerciseoverview=Per Exercise Performance admin.reports.type.studentsoverview=Per Student Performance admin.reports.all-books=<all> admin.reports.all-groups=<all> admin.reports.surveytype=Questionnaire admin.reports.surveytype.item=Item admin.reports.surveytype.session=Session admin.reports.userid=User ID admin.reports.include-tutors=Include tutors, authors and admins admin.reports.groupid=Group ID admin.reports.timerange=Time Range admin.reports.startdate=Start Date admin.reports.enddate=End Date admin.reports.submitbutton=View Report admin.reports.exportbutton=Export Data admin.reports.results.filtered-by=Results are filtered by: admin.reports.results.not-filtered=Results are not filtered. admin.reports.results.all-groups=This report is based on events from users of all groups. admin.reports.results.restricted-groups=This report is restricted to events of groups {0}, or the default group. admin.reports.results.type=Type admin.reports.results.details=Details admin.reports.results.user-id-csv=User ID ID admin.reports.results.users-in-group=users in group admin.reports.results.exercise-runs=exercise runs admin.reports.errors.start-date=Please supply a valid start date! admin.reports.errors.end-date=Please supply a valid end date! admin.reports.errors.invalid-range=Start date must occur before end date! admin.surveys.item=Item admin.surveys.session=Session admin.surveys.motivation=Motivation admin.reports.listMistakes.exerciseId=Exercise ID admin.reports.listMistakes.userInput=User Input admin.reports.listMistakes.numberOccurrences=Number Of Occurrences admin.reports.reportStudent.header=Exercise Performance Report per student admin.reports.reportStudent.counter=No. admin.reports.reportStudent.userName= User Name admin.reports.reportStudent.result=Result #
  1. User Data / Prefs
# userdata.view.pagetitle=My User Data userdata.view.doctitle=ActiveMath - User Data userdata.register.pagetitle=Registration userdata.register.doctitle=ActiveMath - Registration userdata.edit.pagetitle=Change User Data userdata.edit.doctitle=ActiveMath - Change User Data

userdata.heading1=Account Data: userdata.heading2=Personal Data: userdata.heading3=This information will help ActiveMath choosing appropriate content items:

userdata.login-name=Account name: userdata.login-name.exp=(at least 4 characters: lowercase letters, digits, "." or "-") userdata.password=Password: userdata.password.exp=(at least 4 characters) userdata.repeat-password=Please repeat password:

  1. params are for and , respectively.
userdata.change-password={0}Change password{1} userdata.accept-privacy-stmnt=I accept the {0}privacy policy{1}. userdata.user-name=How should ActiveMath call you?
(e.g. first name or nickname) userdata.full-name=What is your full name? address:
(optional) userdata.language=Language: userdata.roles=Roles: userdata.role.admin=Administrator userdata.role.anon=Anonymous userdata.role.tutor=Tutor userdata.role.learner=Learner userdata.role.visitor=Visitor

userdata.changepasswd.doctitle=ActiveMath - Change Password userdata.changepasswd.pagetitle=Change Password userdata.changepasswd.for-user=Change password for user: password: userdata.changepasswd.repeat-passwd=Please repeat password:

userdata.field=What is your field? userdata.educational-level=What is your educational level? familiar are you
with computers and the Internet? very familiar familiar familiar not set - not set -

  1. old codes, don't use: Kingdom country not set -

userdata.options.pagetitle=Display Options userdata.options.doctitle=ActiveMath - Display Options userdata.options.format.head=Here you can choose how ActiveMath displays books: userdata.options.format.html.exp=This is the standard format for all browsers. userdata.options.format.mathml.exp=This format has a better display for mathematical formulas. However, if you use Internet Explorer, you must have MathPlayer installed. not supported for Internet Explorer. userdata.options.useInputEd=Use Input Editor for Exercises userdata.options.useInputEd.exp=With the Input Editor applet, you can enter your exercise solutions without worrying about formula syntax. you can choose a Skin to change the visual design of ActiveMath: userdata.options.learner-model=Learner Model userdata.options.learner-model.head=Which Learner Model would you like to use? userdata.options.learner-model.exp=The Learner Model provides the data to visualize your knowledge. by membership in group ''{0}''.

  1. name of Learner models
learner-model.nop=none learner-model.slm=SLM (Simple Learner Model) learner-model.xlm=XLM (eXtended Learner Model)

#speechOutput userdata.speechOutput = Speech Output userdata.speechOutput.false = off userdata.speechOutput.true = on userdata.readingSkill = Reading Skill userdata.readingSkill. =- not set - userdata.readingSkill.good = good userdata.readingSkill.average = average userdata.readingSkill.bad = bad


  1. Planner
# planner.navbar.header = Book Creation: planner.navbar.step1 = Type planner.navbar.step2 = Area planner.navbar.step3 = Topics planner.navbar.step4 = Summary

planner.step1.doctitle = ActiveMath - Book Creation - Step 1 of 4 planner.step2.doctitle = ActiveMath - Book Creation - Step 2 of 4 planner.step3.doctitle = ActiveMath - Book Creation - Step 3 of 4 planner.step4.doctitle = ActiveMath - Book Creation - Step 4 of 4

planner.scenario.header = Step 1 of 4: Type planner.scenario.exp1 = Create a personal book in four steps. planner.scenario.exp2 = In this first step, select the type of book you want ActiveMath to create for you. planner.scenario.exp3 = Whether you want to prepare for an exam or discover a topic in depth - choose the type of book from the list that best suits your needs. planner.scenario.what-scenario = Type of book:

planner.grouping.header = Step 2 of 4: Area planner.grouping.exp1 = In this step, select the area your book should cover

planner.topics.header = Step 3 of 4: Topics

planner.step2.exp1 = In this step, you select the topics your book should be about. planner.step2.exp1a = Navigate through the content by clicking on the headings until you the find topics you want to learn about. planner.step2.exp2 = Don't worry if you have never heard about a topic. ActiveMath will automatically include items that you need for your understanding, if necessary. planner.step2.exp3 = Please be aware that there may be not enough content available for all combinations of scenario and topics, even though most of the time it works fine. planner.step2.exp4 = One topic that always works fine is "the derivative function".

planner.newstep3.noConcepts = Problem detected: no items of your educational level found… course generation will fail. Is your educational level set correctly? Please check it and change it, if necessary: planner.newstep4.goto-step2 = Change type planner.newstep3.exp2.rehearse = Below, you see the items you last worked with, ordered by how well you master them. ActiveMath automatically selects those items it thinks you should work with now. planner.newstep3.exp3.rehearse = You can follow ActiveMath's suggestion or select items on you own by clicking in the boxes. planner.newstep3.noRecentItemsError = Problem detected: no items found… It seems you did not yet work in this area using ActiveMath. Please select either a different area or a different scenario. planner.newstep3.exp2.trainComp = You last worked with the following items: planner.newstep3.exp3.trainComp = Based on your performance on these items, ActiveMath suggest you to train the selected competency. If you prefer, you can select a different competency. planner.newstep3.selectWithSubtopics = Select this topic, which includes the following sub-topics: = Select this topic.

planner.step3.title-of-your-book = Book title: planner.step3.default-title = My Book planner.step3.summary-of-your-book = Description/summary of content planner.step3.default-summary = Please enter a short description of the book''s content planner.newstep3.too-many-concepts-warning = You selected too many concepts. Only the first 50 will be used for book generation. planner.step3.moreoptions = Additional options planner.step3.useLM = Plan using learner model planner.step3.yes = Yes = No planner.step3.educationallevel = Plan for educational level planner.step3.field = Plan for field planner.step3.default = Use default values

planner.clientnotification.main-menu = A new book has been generated. Please refresh the page to display it. = Your book has been generated and was added in the main menu. = Open the book planner.clientnotification.summary.start.1 = Your book is now being generated. You can wait or continue using ActiveMath. planner.clientnotification.summary.start.2 = You will be notified once the book generation finishes. #go back to the main menu (without main menu) = Go back to the

planner.nocourse.title = No course generated planner.nocourse.message = Sorry, ActiveMath could not generate a course for you. Either there is not sufficient content available for your combination of book type and topic or you selected too many topics.

  1. scenarios: = Discover = This kind of book will contain content that helps you to understand the selected topics in depth. It will contain the prerequisites you still need to understand and it will be adapted to your knowledge state. planner.scenario.rehearse = Rehearse planner.scenario.rehearse.description = This kind of book tackles your weak points and will train your knowledge in these areas. planner.scenario.connect = Connect planner.scenario.connect.description = This kind of book illustrates the connections between the selected topics, adapted to your knowledge. planner.scenario.trainCompetency = Train competencies planner.scenario.trainCompetency.description = This kind of book contains exercises that train specific competencies. planner.scenario.trainCompetencyThink = Think mathematically planner.scenario.trainCompetencySolve = Solve problems mathematically planner.scenario.trainCompetencyRepresent = Use mathematical representations planner.scenario.trainCompetencyLanguage = Deal with symbolic and formal elements of Mathematics planner.scenario.trainCompetencyModel = Model mathematically planner.scenario.trainCompetencyArgue = Argue mathematically planner.scenario.trainCompetencyTools = Know how to use tools and aids planner.scenario.trainCompetencyCommunicate = Communicate on Mathematics planner.scenario.workbook = Workbook planner.scenario.workbook.description = This kind of book contains exercises that aim at increasing your current knowledge state. planner.scenario.examSimulation = Simulate an exam planner.scenario.examSimulation.description = This kind of book contains exercises that can be solved within a timeframe selected by you. Like a real exam, the exercises will have different difficulty levels. planner.scenario.examSimulation30 = Simulate an exam, 30 minutes planner.scenario.examSimulation45 = Simulate an exam, 45 minutes planner.scenario.examSimulation60 = Simulate an exam, 60 minutes planner.scenario.examSimulation90 = Simulate an exam, 90 minutes

  1. old scenarios
planner.scenario.guidedTour = All details planner.scenario.guidedTour.description = All details of the chosen topics planner.scenario.overview = Overview planner.scenario.overview.description = Overview on the chosen topics planner.scenario.examPrep = Prepare for an exam planner.scenario.examPrep.description = Prepare for an exam on the chosen topics

planner.step4.header = Step 4 of 4: Summary planner.step4.exp1 = Your book will be created using the following information: planner.step4.chosen-grouping = You chose the following area of interest: planner.step4.goto-step1 = Change area planner.step4.will-delete-topics = (will also clear selected topics) planner.step4.chosen-topics = You selected the following topics: planner.step4.goto-step2 =Change topics = Book title: planner.step4.goto-step3 = Change misc planner.step4.summary = Description: planner.step4.chosen-scenario = Selected type of book: planner.step4.directlinkaction = Create/update planner.step4.directlink = Direct link for this book generation planner.progress.header=Book Creation planner.progress.text=ActiveMath is currently generating your book. It may take up to one minute. Thank you for your patience. is assembling your page, please wait a second.


  1. Exercise Sequencer
# sequencer.exerciseCompleted = Ok, you worked on the exercise. To continue, please click on the "Continue" button below the exercise. sequencer.intro = We will now work on a sequence of exercises. The goal is that you reach a higher competence level. If at any time, you want to stop, please click on the "Quit" button below. sequencer.instruction = Please work on the exercise on the right. sequencer.quit = Quit exercise session sequencer.session.quitted = You did quit the exercise sequencer. sequencer.close = Close the window to get back to the course. sequencer.giveUpExercise = Ok, you gave up one exercise. sequencer.exercise.continue= Continue sequencer.higherCompetenceLevelReached = Well done, {0}, you reached a higher competence level! sequencer.noMoreExercises = There's no more exercises you need to do. sequencer.notExSys.continue=When you have completed the exercise, please click on "Continue". sequencer.timeOut = Time is up, thank you for your participation. sequencer.leftTime = You still have the following time (Hours:Minutes:Seconds) to finish the whole sequence of Exercises. #
  1. Copyright
# copyright.title=Copyright Information for element ''{0}'': copyright.tooltip=Opens the Copyright window for this item. copyright.creators=Creation: copyright.contributors=Contribution: copyright.translators=Translation: copyright.dates=Date: copyright.rights=Rights: copyright.publishers=Publisher: copyright.sources=Source: copyright.programmers=Programmers: copyright.applet=Applet: copyright.authors=Authors: copyright.editors=Editors:


  1. Notes
# notes.doctitle=ActiveMath - Notes notes.pagetitle=Notes notes.a-note=Note no title - notes.notes-for-user=All notes of user ''{0}'': notes.create-new=Create a new note
  1. param: image link with notes symbol
notes.create-new-help=(New notes can be created using the {0} symbol at each learning object.) notes available. notes.public-note-from-date=Public note from notes.private-note-from-date=Private note from notes.ellipsis=..? notes.created-by=created by
  1. param: item title
notes.note-for-item=Note for ''{0}'': notes.create-note-for-item=Create new note for ''{0}'': notes.title=Title: notes.content=Text: notes.allow-others=Allow others to see this note. notes.back-to-list=Back to the list. notes.edit=Edit notes.delete=Delete notes.button-save=Save notes.tooltip=Opens the Notes window for this item.


  1. Speech Stefan Nesbigall
# speech.itemtitle=Speech output for element ''{0}'': speech.tooltip=Speech output for this element. speech.pagetitle=Speech output for: ''{0}'' speech.title=Speech Output


  1. Search

search.title = Search = Search for items...

#tabs search.navigation.tabs.simple = simple search.navigation.tabs.advanced = advanced search.navigation.tabs.history = history

#messages info = Info warn = Warning error = Error

#search error messages = No such attribute name search.messages.invalid-att-value = No such attribute value

  1. result list
search.result.item = item search.result.items = items search.result.search_for = Search for search.result.among_concepts = among concepts search.result.among_all_items = among all items = page search.result.next_page = next page search.result.browse_to_previous_result_page = browse to previous result page search.result.browse_to_next_result_page = browse to next result page search.result.of = of = at = in search.result.or = or = book search.result.nothing_found = Nothing found search.result.objects_found = objects found search.result.generalize_to_all_items = generalize to all items search.result.restrict_to_concept = restrict to concept search.result.search_external = Search for ''{0}'' at {1}, {2} or {3}.

#item view search.result.additional_information = additional information search.result.additional_information.more = more search.result.additional_information.less = less

#relations search.item_view.relation.from_this_item = Relations from this item search.item_view.relation.to_this_item = Relations to this item search.item_view.relation.this_item_is_for = This item is for search.item_view.relation.items_for_this = Items for this search.item_view.relation.appears_in = Appears in search.item_view.relation.characteristics_of_this_item = Characteristics of this item search.item_view.proceed-in-search=proceed in search search.item_view.or-continue=or continue with Activemath

#metadata search.metadata.difficulty = Difficulty search.metadata.expected_time_to_learn = Expected time to learn search.metadata.eductional_levels = Eductional levels search.metadata.fields = Fields search.metadata.competencylevel = Competency level search.metadata.theory = Theory search.metadata.collection = Collection

#history search.history.history_of_your_searches = History of your searches search.history.browse_item = browse item

search.simple.syntax_help = syntax help

search.goBack = back

search.advanced.doSearch = search search.advanced.doClear = clear search.advanced.startNewSearch = New Search search.advanced.doRemove = remove last = in language search.advanced.all-required = all criteria search.advanced.add = add

search.queryType.TextAMQuery = which contain the text search.queryType.OmobjAMQuery = which contain the formula search.queryType.AMMetadataAttributeQuery = which...

search.textQuery.ops.match_words = contain the words search.textQuery.ops.match_word_prefixes = contain prefixes of words search.textQuery.ops.match_words_fuzzily = contain approximate words search.textQuery.ops.match_phrase = contain the phrase search.textQuery.ops.match_ordered_words = contain words in same order

search.mdQuery.att.competencylevel = train competency level search.mdQuery.att.competency = train competency search.mdQuery.att.representation = is represented by search.mdQuery.att.abstractness = are of abstractness search.mdQuery.att.field = are from field of study search.mdQuery.att.difficulty = are of difficulty search.mdQuery.att.type = are of type search.mdQuery.att.learningcontext = are for learning context

search.mdQuery.att.competencylevel.value.elementary = knowledge search.mdQuery.att.competencylevel.value.simple_conceptual = simple conceptual search.mdQuery.att.competencylevel.value.multi_step = multistep search.mdQuery.att.competencylevel.value.complex = complex

search.mdQuery.att.abstractness.value.abstract = abstract search.mdQuery.att.abstractness.value.neutral = neutral search.mdQuery.att.abstractness.value.concrete = concrete

search.mdQuery.att.representation.value.verbal = speech search.mdQuery.att.representation.value.visual = images search.mdQuery.att.representation.value.numeric = numbers search.mdQuery.att.representation.value.symbolic = symbols

search.queryExpression.contents-of-theory-x = Items of theory «{0}» search.queryExpression.contents-of-collection-x = Theories of collection «{0}» search.queryExpression.definitions-for-symbol = Definitions of symbol «{0}» search.queryExpression.item-x = Item «{0}» = Items with id containing «{0}»


search.mdQuery.att.type.value.assertion=Assertion search.mdQuery.att.type.value.axiom=Axiom search.mdQuery.att.type.value.definition=Definition search.mdQuery.att.type.value.example=Example search.mdQuery.att.type.value.exercise=Exercise search.mdQuery.att.type.value.misconception=Misconception search.mdQuery.att.type.value.omtext/abstract=Abstract search.mdQuery.att.type.value.omtext/annote=Annote search.mdQuery.att.type.value.omtext/antithesis=Antithesis search.mdQuery.att.type.value.omtext/conclusion=Conclusion search.mdQuery.att.type.value.omtext/elaboration=Elaboration search.mdQuery.att.type.value.omtext/evidence=Evidence search.mdQuery.att.type.value.omtext/introduction=Introduction search.mdQuery.att.type.value.omtext/motivation=Motivation search.mdQuery.att.type.value.omtext/note=Note search.mdQuery.att.type.value.omtext/thesis=Thesis search.mdQuery.att.type.value.ppmethod=Method search.mdQuery.att.type.value.proof=Proof search.mdQuery.att.type.value.symbol=Symbol

  1. learningcontext (ist für den Lernkontext):
search.mdQuery.att.learningcontext.value.primary_education=Primary Education search.mdQuery.att.learningcontext.value.secondary_education=Secondary Education search.mdQuery.att.learningcontext.value.higher_education=Higher Education search.mdQuery.att.learningcontext.value.technical_school_first_year=Technical school (first year) search.mdQuery.att.learningcontext.value.technical_school_second_year=Technical school (second year) search.mdQuery.att.learningcontext.value.technical_school_first_cycle=Technical school (first cycle) search.mdQuery.att.learningcontext.value.university_first_year=University (first year) search.mdQuery.att.learningcontext.value.university_second_year=University (second year) search.mdQuery.att.learningcontext.value.university_first_cycle=University (first cycle) search.mdQuery.att.learningcontext.value.technical_school_third_year=Technical school (third year) search.mdQuery.att.learningcontext.value.technical_school_fourth_year=Technical school (fourth year) search.mdQuery.att.learningcontext.value.technical_school_second_cycle=Technical school (second cycle) search.mdQuery.att.learningcontext.value.university_third_year=University (third year) search.mdQuery.att.learningcontext.value.university_fourth_year=University (fourth year) search.mdQuery.att.learningcontext.value.university_second_cycle=University (second cycle) search.mdQuery.att.learningcontext.value.university_post_grade=University (post grade) search.mdQuery.att.learningcontext.value.professional_formation=Professional Formation search.mdQuery.att.learningcontext.value.continuous_formation=Continuous Formation search.mdQuery.att.learningcontext.value.vocational_training=Vocational Training

  1. difficulty (ist vom Schwierigkeitsgrad):
search.mdQuery.att.difficulty.value.very_easy=very easy search.mdQuery.att.difficulty.value.easy=easy search.mdQuery.att.difficulty.value.medium=medium search.mdQuery.att.difficulty.value.difficult=difficult search.mdQuery.att.difficulty.value.very_difficult=very difficult

  1. field (ist für das Fachgebiet):
search.mdQuery.att.field.value.computer_science=Computer Science search.mdQuery.att.field.value.mathematics=Mathematics search.mdQuery.att.field.value.statistics=Statistics search.mdQuery.att.field.value.psychology=Psychology search.mdQuery.att.field.value.biology=Biology search.mdQuery.att.field.value.chemistry=Chemistry search.mdQuery.att.field.value.physics=Physics search.mdQuery.att.field.value.economy=Economics search.mdQuery.att.field.value.economics=Economics search.mdQuery.att.field.value.historical=History search.mdQuery.att.field.value.history=History search.mdQuery.att.field.value.sports=Sports search.mdQuery.att.field.value.other=Other search.mdQuery.att.field.value.all=All

  1. competency (ist für die Kompetenz):
search.mdQuery.att.competency.value.think=think search.mdQuery.att.competency.value.argue=argue search.mdQuery.att.competency.value.model=model search.mdQuery.att.competency.value.solve=solve search.mdQuery.att.competency.value.represent=represent search.mdQuery.att.competency.value.language=language search.mdQuery.att.competency.value.communicate=communicate


  1. Plotter
# plotter.copyright=Copyright plotter.windowTitle=Function Plotter

plotter.functions.sin=Sine plotter.functions.arcsin=Arcsine plotter.functions.cos=Cosine plotter.functions.arccos=Arccosine plotter.functions.tan=Tangent plotter.functions.arctan=Arctangent plotter.functions.cot=Cotangent plotter.functions.arccot=Arccotangent plotter.functions.polynome3rd=Polynomial of 3rd degree plotter.functions.polynome4th=Polynomial of 4th degree


  1. Error messages
# error.doctitle=ActiveMath - Error error.application-error=Application Error error.continue-here=You can go back to the ActiveMath Menu. error.unexpected-context=This page is part of ActiveMath. If you arrived here by mistake, please view this page in its proper context. error.wrong-user-or-password=Wrong username/password. error.missing-username=Please enter a user name. error.missing-password=Please provide a password. enable Javascript in your browser and reload this page. enable cookies in your browser and reload this page. enter your name. enter your full name. error.username-too-short=User name must be at least 4 characters long. error.username-invalid=User name contains illegal characters. error.username-taken=This user name is already in use. Please choose another one. error.password-too-short=Password must be at least 4 characters long. error.password-mismatch=The two passwords are not the same. error.clock-wrong-warning=Warning: Your computer''s clock setting seems to be wrong.
This might cause problems when using ActiveMath. error.doesnt-accept-privacy=In order to use ActiveMath, you need to agree to our privacy policy. book could not be found. error.too-many-users-online=Sorry, there are too many users currently using the system.
Please try again later.


  1. NLG dummies
  1. default texts (also used for "Discover")
text.NLGGenerator.Item.Description=For a description of the goals and structure of this book please follow the link below. text.NLGGenerator.Item.Introduction=Why is the mathematical content presented in this chapter important? The following section tries to answer that question. text.NLGGenerator.Item.Prerequisites=This paragraph contains the prerequisite knowledge necessary to understand the content of this section. text.NLGGenerator.Item.Develop=Careful now! This section contains the principal content and some examples. text.NLGGenerator.Item.Discover.Proof=In this section, we prove the correctness of the goal content. text.NLGGenerator.Item.Practice=Practice makes perfect. This section contains exercises to practice the application of the content. text.NLGGenerator.Item.Connect=In this section, you will discover the connections to other content. text.NLGGenerator.Item.Reflect=Please think about your learning process: How did you proceed? Did you understand everything? If not, try to look up the necessary content using the system. text.NLGGenerator.Item.Examples=Have a close look! In this section you will see example applications of the content.

#texts for scenario "Rehearse" text.NLGGenerator.Item.Rehearse.Develop=Do you still remember what the goal content is about? Here you can have a second look at it. text.NLGGenerator.Item.Rehearse.Examples=If you do not recall how to apply the goal content, have a look at these examples. text.NLGGenerator.Item.Rehearse.Connect=What else can the content be used for? That's the topic of the following section. text.NLGGenerator.Item.RehearseDeeper.Examples=Here you find additional examples of the goal content. text.NLGGenerator.Item.RehearseDeeper.Practice=Here you find more difficult exercises to practice the goal content.

#texts for scenario "Connect" text.NLGGenerator.Item.Connect.Introduction=This section shows the connections between different mathematical topics. text.NLGGenerator.Item.Connect.Connect=This section reminds you of the content that is relevant for the connections to the following content. text.NLGGenerator.Item.Connect.ConnectExercise=Did you understand everything? This section provides an opportunity to sketch the connections on your own.

#texts for scenario "TrainCompetency" text.NLGGenerator.Item.TrainCompetency.Develop=Have a close look! In this section the goal content will be rehearsed.

#texts for scenario "ExamSimulation"

  1. do not forget the final blank in the following line!
text.NLGGenerator.Item.EstimatedTime=Estimated time in minutes for the exam simulation:

  1. texts for section titles
text.NLGGenerator.Title.Description=Overview text.NLGGenerator.Title.Introduction=Introduction text.NLGGenerator.Title.Exercises=Exercises text.NLGGenerator.Title.Examples=Examples text.NLGGenerator.Title.Connections=Connections text.NLGGenerator.Title.ConnectionsOverview=Connections (Overview) text.NLGGenerator.Title.ConnectionsDetail=Connections (Detail) text.NLGGenerator.Title.Reflection=Looking Back text.NLGGenerator.Title.Prerequisites=Prerequisites text.NLGGenerator.Title.Proof=Proof text.NLGGenerator.Title.Rehearse=Rehearse text.NLGGenerator.Title.PrincipalConcept=Central Topic text.NLGGenerator.Title.Discover=Discover text.NLGGenerator.Title.trainCompetency=Train text.NLGGenerator.Title.Workbook=Workbook text.NLGGenerator.Title.ExamSimulation=Exam Simulation text.NLGGenerator.Title.EstimatedTime=Estimated Time text.NLGGenerator.Title.Remarks=Remarks text.NLGGenerator.Title.Conclude=Conclusion text.NLGGenerator.Title.GuidedTour=All details

text.NLGGenerator.ExerciseSequencer.Title = Exercise Sequencer text.NLGGenerator.ExerciseSequencer.TrainCompetencyLevel.Content = Solve a sequence of exercises to reach a higher competence level.

text.NLGGenerator.OLM.Title = Learner Model text.NLGGenerator.OLM.Content = Check what ActiveMath thinks about your knowledge. text.NLGGenerator.OLM.Startlink = Open the Learner Model

text.NLGGenerator.CMap.Title = Concept Map Tool Exercise text.NLGGenerator.CMap.solve.Content = Solve this concept map exercise. text.NLGGenerator.CMap.display.Content = Look at the dependencies displayed in the concept map.

text.NLGGenerator.dialogueConsole.Title = Tutor Dialogue System text.NLGGenerator.dialogueConsole.explore.Content = Start the derivation dialogue console in exploration mode. text.NLGGenerator.dialogueConsole.Content = Start the derivation dialogue console to practice derivation. = Open link.

text.NLGGenerator.linkToMathdoxPlayer.Title = Exercise from the Mathdox-Repository text.NLGGenerator.linkToMathdoxPlayer.Content = Start exercise

text.NLGGenerator.noItemsGenerated.Content = No content was found for this page. Please login if you are an anonymous user.

text.NLGGenerator.Notification.Title = Notification


  1. Contextual menu on formulae
# contextMenu.dragTerm = Drag term contextMenu.dragSymbol = Drag symbol contextMenu.seeDefinitions = See definitions of
  1. seeDefinitions followed by title of the symbol
contextMenu.searchTerm = Search for term contextMenu.seeTermInOMSource = See term in OpenMath contextMenu.seeTermInMathML = See term in MathML contextMenu.seeTermInPDF = See term in PDF me!


  1. Global Feedback Phrases
#, no hints are available. feedback.tooltip=Show Suggestions feedback.doctitle=ActiveMath - Suggestions feedback.controls.back-to-current=Back to current hint

feedback.presentation=Additional Content feedback.present.title=Content Presentation feedback.messages.present-content=The system found some helpful content for you. here to display the content

feedback.navigation=About your navigation Navigation Suggestion system found a page in the book that is worth a visit. feedback.messages.skipped-beginning=You should consider going back a few pages. Usually, it is useful that you work your way through the book instead of just jumping to an advanced chapter… feedback.actions.highlight-page=Highlight the page in the book

feedback.state.initialize=Initializing… feedback.state.ready=Ready

feedback.util.home=Go to suggestions home


  1. SLM Graphical User Interface
# slm.title=Your learner model slm.title.concepts = Details about your mastery for a concept. slm.description= Your mastery of {0} is assessed to be about {1}%. slm.exercises=This is based on your performance on the following exercises: book is now being generated. This can take a bit of time, please be patient. generation finished. book ''{0}'' has been generated and is now available in your list of generated books in the main menu. to the mastery details slm.concept.details=Mastery details for ''{0}'' slm.concept.mastery=Your mastery for ''{0}'' is estimated to be about slm.concept.nomastery=There is no mastery assessment available for this item yet. slm.concept.assertion=This is an essential item (a ''concept'') that has a mastery assessment for itself.
This assessment is based only on your exercise performance. Below, you can see all exercises taken into account for this mastery assessment. They are divided into two groups. The first group consists of exercises that were designed to directly train this item. The second group contains exercises that are for other items which are related to this item.
slm.concept.exercises=Exercises you have done that were directly for this concept: slm.concept.exercises.score=, you scored {0} %. slm.concept.exercises.details=This exercise trained the competencies: slm.concept.exercises.more=more about competencies slm.concept.noexercises=You did not yet try any exercises that were directly for this item.
slm.concept.exercises.other=Other exercises: slm.concept.exercises.noother=No other exercises were relevant for this concept's assessment.
slm.concept.prerequisites=Prerequisites: slm.concept.fors=Fors: slm.concept.competencies=Here, you can see the different competency dimensions your mastery is consisting of.
slm.concept.bookgeneration=If you want to enhance your mastery of a specific competency, you can use ActiveMath's course generation service: slm.concept.bookgeneration.title=Generate a book to train the competency of the book: slm.concept.submit=Start book generation slm.concept.attention=Attention: when you click on on the button above, you start a book generation process which can take up to a minute.
So please be patient, it is perfectly normal that the next page takes time to load. overview details that have an impact on this mastery this mastery can have an impact on is an auxiliary item, so its mastery is derived from the items it is supposed to support: slm.sat.addition=with mastery value slm.sat.details=details details for page {0} of the Book ''{1}'' overall mastery for the page about ''{0}'' is estimated to be about {2}%.
This assessment is derived from the mastery of the items on the page: is no mastery assessment available for this page yet. slm.toc.item.mastery=Your mastery of this item is {0}% slm.toc.item.nomastery=There is no mastery assessment available for this item. Probably, you did not work with it yet.

#Combien? Exercise System combien.showcode.precondition=To run the exercise, you need to start the combien? system locally on your computer. If you don't have the software, please download it here and unzip it. combien.showcode.instruction=Run the "lanceurCombien.bat".Then copy the code below and paste it into the input field of the combien? window. combien.showcode.sentevent=Click here to send your result to ActiveMath. here

#User Feedback Buttons userfeedback.dislike=Dislike userfeedback.otherlikes=People who like this: {0} userfeedback.otherdislikes=People who dislike this: {0} userfeedback.confirmation=Thank you for your feedback!