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Translation update page

For language:

This page is an attempt at an assisted web-based editing of the phrases file for the ActiveMath learning environment. More info about ActiveMath is at: . This page uses the TranslationUpdate script contributed by Santiago Egido which is allows to preview of the missing phrases and to edit the updated phrase-file.

Translators that are enrolled in the Active Math Translators group are allowed to edit the phrase files which our team will then incorporate in distributions of ActiveMath. Should you wish to join this group, please first register to this platform then write a mail to

We currently restrict our experiment to French and Dutch.


This page shows the differences between the English files and your language files. No modification will be saved until you click "Save" in the editor.

Language compared = en

Beware, you are comparing English with English!


UNTRANSLATED: an "old" property that has not been translated yet. Not all properties have to be translated, see the comments next to the properties in the files. In order for these messages to disappear, delete the "-TRANSLATE-ME-" substrings.

NEW: a property very recently added to the English files, maybe by a programmer, which still does not appear in the other language files.

SUGGESTION: if a new property seems to be duplicated, the translation of the duplicated property is suggested.

DELETED: an obsolete property has been erased in the English file but not in your language file.


  UNTRANSLATED  Language file is identical to English file (1084 properties)
  Nothing to update.    View this file        You cannot edit this file.

Have you forgotten to log in? Some files might not be compared correctly if you haven't logged in.

There are 1084 properties to translate in the English files

There are 1084 untranslated properties