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GAWLP Phase 1 Documentation

How to create new AdWordsJump Landing page using the original (Phase 1) Zaner/Pan template

Create an AdWordsJump Landing page, for example, AdWordsJump.FreeWorksheet, then copy the contents below into the page you just created:

#set($keyword="free worksheets")
#set($btn_value = "Find Worksheet")
##set($logpic = $imgdoc.getAttachmentURL('log.gif'))
#set($loglink = "")
#set($btn2_value = "Join the Curriki Community")
#set($btn2_link = "")
#set($left_title_1="<p style='font-size:30px;'>Created by Teachers for You</p>")
#set($left_title_1_desc="We believe that access to knowledge and learning tools is a basic right for every child. Our goal is to make curricula and learning resources available to everyone.")
#set($left_title_2="Feautured Examples")
#set($title = "<p style='font-weight:bold;font-size:35px;'>Thousands of</p>")
#set($title = "<p style='font-weight:bold;font-size:55px;'>Free Worksheets</p>")
#set($title = "<p style='font-weight:bold;font-size:35px;'>For Math,English,and Science</p>")
#set($title = "Word Problems for grades 3 to 5")
#set($link = "/xwiki/bin/view/AdWordsJump/TestLandingPage?xpage=popup")
#set($desc = "Covers a variety of topics,including addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, graphs, place value, writing big numbers, and more, I use these for my daily math review in my classroom")
#sampleLink("$title" "$link" "$desc")
#set($title = "A complete introductory Biology course")
#set($link = "/xwiki/bin/view/AdWordsJump/TestLandingPage?xpage=popup")
#set($desc = "A set of digital video clips with worksheets, powerpoint presentations, online activities, and online tests.")
#sampleLink("$title" "$link" "$desc")
#set($title = "English unit for \"Death of a Salesman\" by Arthur Miller")
#set($link = "/xwiki/bin/view/AdWordsJump/TestLandingPage?xpage=popup")
#set($desc = "Includes prereading activities, complete vocabulary activities, complete reading guides, writing activities, target skills, supplementary reading, and assignments.")
#sampleLink("$title" "$link" "$desc")


  1. The "$keyword" indicates the name or type of the Landing page (E.g., Free Worksheet)
  2. The "$subject" is the child subject you will search; if you set this variable, it will search the specific subject, otherwise, it will search all subjects. (E.g, History which is under Art.) (Note: Use the Framework Chart for variable names.)
  3. The "$subjectparent" is the subject's parent you will search. If you have not set $subjectparent, it will search in all subjects and subjectparents. If you have set $subjectparent and $subject, it will search in the selected subject and subjectparent. If you have set $subjectparent but not set $subject, it will search in the selected subjectparent and all the subjects." (E.g, Arts) (Note: Use the Framework Chart for variable names.)
  4. The "$btn_value" is the text show on the search button.
  5. The "$logpic" and "$loglink" define the logo pic and its link on the top of the page. The "$logpic" will default to '/xwiki/skins/curriki8/logo.gif' if you do not define. You need to define "$loglink".
  6. The "$btn2_value" and "$btn2_link" defines the second button's text and link in the search box. If there is only one button, you must not define these two variables.
  7. The "$left_title_1", "$left_title_1_desc", "$left_title_2" define the title and description at the left top, and maybe you need not change it.
  8. The "#pageTitle" is the macro that adds the title at the top green area; it is defined as "#macro(pageTitle $title)". You can set the size of the word as the sample code.
  9. The "#sampleLink" is the macro that adds the sample link title and description at the left; it is defined as "#macro(sampleLink $title $link $desc)".
You need to change some of them to yourself.

Warning: Because we need to create and store log pages, and this landing page is visited by guests, please make sure this landing page's author has programming rights