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GAWLP Phase 1 Documentation - Search Only

How to create new AdWordsJump Landing page using only the Phase 1 Search Module

Create an AdWordsJump Landing page, for example, AdWordsJump.TestAdWordsJumpPage, then copy the contents below into the page you just created:

#searchbox("$subject" "$subjectparent")
#set($btn_value = "Find Worksheet")
#set($btn2_value = "Join the Curriki Community")
#set($btn2_link = "")
#createaccountbutton("$btn2_value" "$btn2_link")


  1. The marco "#searchformstart" and "#searchformend" must be set, and the "#searchformstart" must be called before "#searchformend".
  2. The marcos "#searchbox", "#emailbox", "#searchbutton", "#createaccountbutton" are optional. they must be called between "#searchformstart" and "#searchformend"
  3. The "#searchbox" has two parameters for subject and subject's parent. If this macro is called, the search text input will be shown in the page. (CR 7/2009 not true, the search will set these options for advanced search; the terms do not show up in the search field on the GAWLP.)
  4. The "emailbox" has none parameter, If this macro is called, the informed checkbox and email input will be shown in the page. (CR 7/2009 not true; these will not be shown in the page if you put “#emailbox (“none”))
  5. The "#searchbutton" has one parameter which is the text shown on the search button. It defines the form submit button.
  6. The "#createaccountbutton" define the join curriki button, and it has two parameters about the text on the button and the link.
You need to change some of them to yourself.

Warning: Because we need to create and store log pages, and this landing page is visited by guests, please make sure this landing page's author has programming rights