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From Pan, July 24th, 2009

I have created a simple sample page on current, please check whether it compliance with your requirement or not, if yes, I will continue to improve it.

The sample page is

and the new/modified pages are:

AdWordsJump.LandingPageLog AdWordsJump.LandingPageLogTemplate AdWordsJump.LandingPageLogWriter AdWordsJump.TemplateJs the log display format is changed(no change on store format), please check it too.

Here is the description for new landing page template:

  1. all features are javascript, you only need add a velocity line
in your landing page

2. you can write any html/style/layout in your landing page, to enable jump page, just need a javascript statement:

<script type="text/javascript" language="javascript">
    new AdWordJumpPage({
here is the description AdWordJumpPage's config options:
subjectParent        ---- the parent subject, for example, <input id='subjectParent' type='hidden' value='...'>
subject              ---- the sub subject, for example, <input id='subject' type='hidden' value='...'>
searchText           ---- the id of search term field, should be a text field, for example <input id='searchText_1' type='text' value='Enter your search term...'>
searchTextWrapper    ---- the id of search term's wrapper, for example, <div id='searchTextWrapper'><input id='searchText_2' type='text' value='Enter your search term...'></div>, it is an optional config, if it is configed, when error on checking, the highlight class will be added to searchTextWrapper, otherwise, the highlight class will be added to searchText
searchTextAutoButton ---- the button id that you want to auto execute when press 'enter' on searchText field, for example, new AdWordJumpPage({...searchTextAutoButton:'autoDecideButton_1',autoDecideButton:'autoDecideButton_1'...}), in this way, if you press 'enter' on searchText field, the action will be same as mouse click on autoDecideButton, because the searchTextAutoButton's config is equal to autoDecideButton
defaultSearchText    ---- the default value of search text field, default value is ''
allowEmptySearchText ---- true|false, if false, the searchText can not be empty, default value is true
emailCheck           ---- the id of permission check box, should be a checkbox field, for example, <input id='emailCheck' type='checkbox'>
emailCheckWrapper    ---- similar to searchTextWrapper, for example, <div id='emailCheckWrapper'><input id='emailCheck_2' type='checkbox'></div>
email                ---- the id of email field, should be a text field, for example, <input id='email' type='text' value='Enter your search email...'>
emailWrapper         ---- similar to searchTextWrapper, for example, <div id='emailWrapper'><input id='email_2' type='text' value='Enter your search email...'></div>
emailAutoButton      ---- similar to searchTextAutoButton, it is for email field
defaultEmailText     ---- the default value of email field, default value is ''
searchButton         ---- the id of search submit button, it only log the search term value and goto search result, even you enter text in the email, the searchText must be configed
emailButton          ---- the id of email submit button, it only log the email and stay on current page, even you enter text in the search term, the email must be configed, the emailCheck is optional, if no emailCheck, the email permission will always be true
searchAndEmailButton ---- the id of search+email button, it will log search term, email and goto search result, the search term and email must both be configed
autoDecideButton     ---- an auto button, its action will depend on your config of search term and email, if there is only searchText, autoDecideButton will be same as searchButton if there is only email, autoDecideButton will be same as emailButton if there are both searchText and email, autoDecideButton will be same as searchAndEmailButton
highlight            ---- the highlight class name, default value is checkhighlight which defined in AdWordsJump.TemplateJs

The old LandingPageTemplate and AdWordsJumpPageTemplate are still available of course, but their log display format is changed.