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GAWLP Documentation

This is the Documentation for the AdWordsJump Landing Page

The AdWordsJump module contains these resources

  1. AdWordsJump/AdWordsInfoClass
  2. AdWordsJump/LandingPageLog (updated for Phase II - new display format, no change on store format)
  3. AdWordsJump/LandingPageLogExport
  4. AdWordsJump/LandingPageLogTemplate (updated for Phase II)
  5. AdWordsJump/LandingPageTemplate
  6. AdWordsJump/TestLandingPage (a sample page for Landing page)
  7. AdWordsJump/Translations
  8. AdWordsJump/WebPreferences
  9. AdWordsJump/LandingPageLogWriter (updated for Phase II)
  10. AdWordsJump/TemplateJS (updated for Phase II)
  11. AdWordsJump/AdWordsJumpPageTemplate

A complete list of AdWords Landing Pages can be found at URLindex?

To create a new AdWordsJump Landing page, the following must occur:

Step 1 (Engineering Only)

First, import the resources above into the system.

Step 2 (Engineering Only)

Add AdWordsJump Translation file 'AdWordsJump.Translations' to 'Internationalization Document Bundles. Use this url '/xwiki/bin/admin/XWiki/XWikiPreferences', the 'Internationalization Document Bundles' is under 'Programming'.

Step 3

Create an AdWordsJump Landing page, for example, AdWordsJump.FreeWorksheet, then configure the page using the tools created in multiple phases of implementation:

  1. Create a Landing Page using the original (Phase 1) Zaner/Pan template
  2. Create a Landing Page using the Phase 1 Search module
  3. Create a Landing Page using the configurable features from Phase 2
  4. Create a Landing Page containing the Registration Form
Step 4

Now you can view the new Landing page from the url "/xwiki/bin/view/AdWordsJump/FreeWorksheet?xpage=popup", where FreeWorksheet is the replaced with the name of page you created. Remember, to view your Ad correctly, add '?xpage=popup' at the end of you URL. The search content will be recorded in the system automatically.

Step 5

You can view search records in the log page with the url "/xwiki/bin/view/AdWordsJump/LandingPageLog" or click here Google Ad Reports. This page contains all the Landing page logs, you can click each Landing page to its log.

Page rights

  • AdWordsInfoClass and LandingPageTemplate should be visible by guests
  • LandingPageLog,LandingPageLogTemplate,LandingPageTemplate, LandingPageLogExport and AdWordsJumpPageTemplate should have programming rights