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Sally Reed

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Important Considerations For Picking Best Port Canaveral Taxi

Before embarking, make sure that the company details are clearly displayed on the vehicle. This is because some cab services have gone very far as to ape one of the respected models with their logo. If you flag a cab and another company's taxi tries to pick you up, the best is to wave them off. Do not phone for half-a-dozen cars, but take the first one to arrive. For your convenience, below are Key considerations when looking for Port Canaveral taxi.

Always insist to use the meter. If he does not want to use the meter, or even worse does not have one, refuse the ride, get out and flag down another yellow cab. When you get in a cab, make sure the meter's on. If it is not, let the driver know. If you are in line at a cabstand, ask if anyone else who is waiting is going in the same direction and if they are willing to share.

Do not take a car booked by someone else. The client of a yellow cab has the right to choose any cab at a rank do not be forced by drivers or hotel porters to take a car or driver that you are not happy with. If the driver picks you without a booking, they may not have insurance cover. It means you will not be insured also, in case of an injury, or accident, it can be too late to get a cover.

Display his identification document and the taxi registration number prominently in the taxi. If your vehicle is a minicab, or a Private Hire Vehicle using a meter, make sure that the meter is not already clocking up a fare. Some cab companies add an extra charge if you travel outside city limits.

Another critical issue to be on the look out is taxi drivers who make unnecessary stops like checking tire pressure, looking for gas, and relieving themselves on the road side. Pr-book your taxi where possible, especially when traveling alone. As a tourist, you do not know the shortest way to your destination, so beware the taxi driver can easily make an extra tour around the block and spice up the bill.

Always get a receipt. It is a record of your fare and travel and will help if you have lost property, or wish to provide feedback. Make sure the vehicle is licensed. Remember, to check the license for the name of the issuing city or town. All licensed cabs and private hire vehicles should have a license plate at the top left corner of the windscreen with the vehicle's details, and another on the back of the vehicle.

If you are planning on a long journey, you may be able to negotiate a flat rate, which may be less expensive than a straight meter fare. Just make sure to set a price before the trip begins. A good driver will convey to the passengers the charges on the cab rooftop by displaying the sign. Cab drivers must also, show the appropriate logo at the rooftop of the car, like busy or changing if it is difficult to pick up the passengers.

Do the right thing. Taxis in big cities and large regional centers are fitted with safety cameras to make the yellow cab experience safer for passengers and drivers. It is recommended that you sit in the back seat if alone.

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