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Laura Faust

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Why You Should Consider Trailer Parks Williston ND In The New Millennium Oil Boo

More and more Americans are turning to mobile home living to downsize, save money and simplify their lives. Mobile homes are no longer the exclusive preserve of meth heads and trailer trash. There is a cluster of half a dozen trailer parks Williston ND off Highway 2 approximately 16 miles outside of town. Thanks to the the shale oil boom, Williston, North Dakota, is experiencing a "gold rush." Wages, and places for rent in Williston ND, are expensive.

Mobile home living has a lot of benefits over living in apartments for rent in Williston ND. Here, you don't have noisy neighbors on the other side of paper-thin walls. Few things are more irritating than listening to distorted secondhand music. It works both ways. You can enjoy listening to your own music without fear of bothering anybody.

Williston was established by rail chief Daniel Willis James at the end of the 19th century. The neighborhoods are well served by a nearby international airport on Highway 85 only spitting distance from the downtown commercial district. Residents in Montana also use the airport at Sloulin Field.

Living in a mobile home park, you also have a tiny patch of land for a garden and, if you are allowed pets, space for your dog or cat to roam around. Grow veggies to stretch your grocery dollar or plant flowers and enjoy them while chilling out in your lawn chairs. Living in a mobile home does not necessarily mean compromising on fixtures and fittings. You can have hardwood flooring, skylights, your choice of appliances and whatever decor you choose.

Driving the shale oil boom is the Bakken Shale Formation underlying parts of Montana and North Dakota in the United States and the Canadian provinces of Manitoba and Saskatchewan. The Bakken Formation is the largest continuous oil reserve in the history of the United States Geological Survey.

Thanks to the Bakken Shale, North Dakota enjoys the lowest levels of unemployment in the country. Here, people are living rough in cardboard boxes simply because the supply of housing near Williston ND cannot keep up with demand. In contrast, families are living in Cardboard City in Los Angeles because they cannot afford anywhere to live.

Williston enjoys a low population density, 1,900 residents per square mile, comparable to places like Tallahassee, Florida; Memphis, Tennessee or Colorado Springs, Colorado. The effect of the oil boom on the lives of North Dakotans is reflected in the wave of documentary films being released. Examples of these films include The Overnighters and White Earth.

When permanent housing is thin on the ground, mobile homes offer a pleasant alternative. They are good value for money and are a decent stopgap while you are looking for something more substantial. You also have a good deal of built-in flexibility that you don't get with conventional forms of housing. If you get sick of the weather (the temperature can plunge below -50F in winter), you can up stakes and move south. No stressful dealings with real estate agents and lawyers and none of the other headaches associated with selling up and moving on. You don't have to redecorate, either, because your interior is already just the way you like it.

To find out more about housing near Williston ND citizens can refer to the main page. Take a look at this web page at for all your accommodation needs.

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