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Is Church Outreach About Sinners Only?

The Bible speaks of life after death, and it states clearly that those who have accepted Christ as their Lord and Savior will inherit the Kingdom of God and live with Him in His dwelling forever. The urgent need to spread the message of salvation is what led to the formation of church outreach. The objective for the establishment, to date, has been to increase the number of harvest of souls that will enter the Kingdom of God.

Leadership wrangles is perhaps the biggest problem among many church leaders today. That every person in the leadership board wants to be the one to have a final say is an enough indication of disunity among leaders. If the preaching team cannot come together and agree as the body of Christ, then it is certain that the disconnection among them will make it impossible for the gospel of Christ to reach few if not many.

With millions of people constantly looking for answers on a daily, it beats logic that having an online platform where believers and non-believers can get instant answers is a good move that will indeed help many today and in the future. Every person can now get instant answers to questions on Christian faith. The idea of sharing the gospel online is therefore a great move to evangelize to people.

There may not be enough financial aid to fund the work of Christ. Most preachers end up not holding events for a long time because they do not have enough money to help manage the process of spreading the good news of the kingdom. This is a more reason why it is important to give to the church so that the message of Christ may reach many people on a daily.

If you are going to use television preaching to reach out to people, booking air time from popular TV stations would be a perfect option. When people turn their screens on, and switch between channels and find inspiring messages best for daily living, church leaders can be sure that the message they are passing across will reach a bigger audience. TV preaching, contrary to what most people think, is not entirely a bad thing really.

The good part, however, is that unlike a few years ago where people were not willing to embrace the idea of the Kingdom and accept the truth about God, many are turning to Christ by day and finding the peace of their lives and souls. Those who are not Christians are turning to Christ because of the testimonies they hear from those who have accepted Christ. The testimony of their faith alone is helping change the world in a great way.

The writing, distribution and spread of Christian magazines, church printing, church banners and newspapers have likewise become a great way to spread the message of Christ to people. When people are able to read inspirational messages on magazine, they are able to make wise decisions on life and lead a good life overall.

When you change someone, you change a life. When you win souls to Christ, you put a smile in the face of God. Your church should therefore address these issues to make ministering to the world an easy task.

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