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The Rationale Behind HRCI Recertification Michigan

The Human Resources Certification Institute is the certifying body for human resources personnel in more than 100 countries. When an individual is certified, it demonstrates their credibility, competence, relevance and commitment to their place within an organization. The certification covers three aspects of the HR role: operations, strategy development and cross-border human resources. To demonstrate a continued commitment to their discipline, HR professionals must undergo HRCI recertification Michigan every three years.

The Human Resources function of an organization is a complicate one, involving local and international laws and that most fickle of all creatures on the planet, human beings. Human Resources departments are responsible for a number of tasks on behalf of an organization. The most obvious of these is recruiting new personnel, which involves advertising internally and/or externally, processing applications, arranging interviews and then overseeing the administrative aspects of the new hire.

Human resources departments used to be called personnel departments. Their role in the recruitment process is to make sure candidates are who they say they are and they are not making invalid claims on their application forms and resumes. They also have to make sure that job applicants are eligible to work in the country where they are applying for work.

Another aspect of a personnel officer's job is to administer the wages and benefits of the company's work force. This means medical insurance plans, bonuses and profit-sharing, pensions and so forth. Personnel officers also maintain records of people's absences because of sickness, bereavement, family obligations and vacation days.

For some organizations, it is a matter of routine that they give their employment candidates a psychological test. The purpose of these examinations is to see if an employee has the right personality for the job they are applying for and if they fit in naturally with the rest of the personalities in the group. They also have responsibility for weeding out any job applicants who have psychopathic personalities.

People with psychopathic personalities are very charming and attractive on the surface. Underneath the facade lies an emotionally bereft manipulator who is averse to doing any actual work. The unifying personality trait in this population is the complete absence of a conscience. Such people also have a strong sense of entitlement.

The problem with psychopathic personalities is that they can cause serious damage to a company's work force, productivity and even its bank account, often making off with thousands, or even millions, of dollars. This is the reason behind the psychological testing.

On the other hand, when carefully monitored, these individuals are suitable for certain positions in a company. Jobs that attract psychopathic personalities include those of the Chief Executive Officer, lawyers, surgeons, chefs, journalists and people in the media. These jobs require an ability to make objective decisions without emotional bias.

Requiring personnel operatives to take recertification exams every few years encourages them to keep in touch with developments in the industry, new laws, better means of screening potential employees and staying on top of improved methods of managing personnel. It also ensures they revisit some of the more mundane, static aspects of their roles.

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