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Connie Orman

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Natural Instincts Of Parti Poodles

The beauty of any colored poodle has always attracted many people. Besides the beauty, there are many other properties that attract people into buying parti poodles. The dogs were specifically developed to be working dogs and as such, they can do several activities. The functionality of a poodle could however be determined by the nature of the puppy. Therefore, special attention should be given when choosing a puppy from a litter. Some of the most important buying tips are highlighted in this article in the paragraphs below.

The physical health of any puppy must come first when considering acquiring it. Some of the things one should check include barking, discharge, movement, coat, appearance, senses, and physical features. A healthy puppy will always be full of life. It maintains a straight posture and remains alert and focused. Health problems can be indicated by dullness and signs of weakness.

The puppies should be well fed, strong, and moderately built. The movement must be normal without limping or abnormal gait. The best way to know if the dog is lame or has a problem would be to spend some time with a litter and watch how they behave. Those with a problem can always be noticed within a short period of observation.

Vision, hearing, and other senses are of great significance too. How good the senses are can be determined using simple tests. Otherwise knowing a blind or deaf puppy can be a challenge. Clapping behind the head of a puppy should draw a reaction if the sense of hearing is working okay. If a problem is discovered with hearing or vision, one should seek early intervention to avoid permanent impairment where necessary.

One can pay close attention to see if any fluids are coming from genitals, eyes, and nostrils. Healthy animals will not have discharge in the areas named above. Discharge could mean that there is an internal problem. Treatment should be administered in such cases.

Besides physical well-being, one may also want to check for behavioral well-being. For those who want to raise good dogs that can be trusted with the house, other pets, and kids, behavior is a key consideration. The puppy should be sociable and happy to have human company. One can tell this by how the animal reacts to people around it. Loners and cowards will always stay away while the sociable types come close and stay.

The interaction behavior with other puppies can tell volumes about how a puppy will turn out when it grows. Watching the litter play can help one learn much. A puppy should not exhibit too much of a certain trait because it can become dangerous at times.

Some people prefer taking puppies that show signs of disease or other bad behavior so that they can give them the care they need. Such people do that because they believe that the dog might not get the care they need elsewhere. That is a charitable idea, but one should be willing to face the challenges that accompany it.

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