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Connie Orman

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Top Reasons Why There Has To Be High Quality Colloidal Silver In Your First Aid

There are plenty of potent home remedies for a wide variety of ailments and diseases. Being familiar with them can keep you from rushing to a doctor's clinic all the time, allowing you to save money and energy. One of the products that should be within your easy reach is a bottle of top-notch colloidal silver known to help resolve so many health concerns.

Pink eye or conjunctivitis can be resolved with the simple placing of pure colloidal silver in the problem area 3 to 4 times per day. This problem which involves the infection of the eye's surface is not comfortable. Also, it can easily spread to other members of your family. With the help of a potent home remedy for the eye problem, relief may be enjoyed and spreading may be prevented.

Rinsing the mouth with this tried-and-tested solution helps deal with various infections of the oral cavity. Problems like gum swelling and oral sores can be remedied with this product. Simply place a couple of teaspoons of the high quality solution in the mouth. Allow it to stay there for a few minutes before spitting. Swallowing it is also perfectly fine to attain faster healing from within.

The product is effective in putting an end to colds and flu. These types of infections can make you feel really terrible and prevent you from carrying out your home and office responsibilities. Placing the right colloidal silver dosage, which is 1 to 2 teaspoons, under the tongue for half a minute before swallowing is said to be effective. There are so many blood vessels in the area for faster absorption.

It may be used on wounds, scrapes and burns to ward off an infection. Applying it up to 5 times daily can prevent the multiplication of microorganisms. Naturally, healing tends to be faster if infection is kept at bay. This potent home remedy is also known to be effective against pimples and acne. Because it kills off bacteria, further breakouts and scars can be prevented.

Your dream vacation may end up as a terrible nightmare because of traveler's diarrhea. Such can be prevented simply by stashing a bottle of silver colloids in your backpack or luggage before you depart. Swallowing a teaspoon of it 5-7 times a day is said to be effective against traveler's diarrhea. Without this painful and embarrassing condition, you may take your vacation with a smile on your face.

The product is very handy for someone like you who loves to travel. In case you are in need of pure and clean water to drink, simply place 1-2 tablespoons of it in a gallon of water to get rid of microbes and toxins. Having it around is a smart move especially if you cannot say no to eating exotic foods. In case you have consumed something your gut didn't like, just reach for the bottle of this potent remedy.

Due to its superb antimicrobial properties, the product is very good at putting an end to vaginal infections. The mixture of 1 part silver colloids and 2 parts distilled water may be used for washing the affected area. Women suffering from yeast infection may simply swallow a teaspoon of the potent product up to 3 times daily to help control the multiplication of fungi causing the embarrassing issue.

If you are searching for information regarding pure colloidal silver, you ought to go to our web pages online here today. Further details can be viewed at right now.

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