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Keiko Larkin

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Vital Details On Trailer Parks Williston ND

A trailer park can be described as a semi-permanent or permanent area on which mobile homes or travel trailers are found. Its merits include lower cost compared other housing and quick and easy relocation to a different area. In the American culture, they are viewed as housing for low incomers that live below the poverty line. Trailer parks Williston ND are susceptible to serious damage that can be inflicted by hurricanes due to their structural insecurity.

In the past, the trailers were only used for the purpose of vacationing or travelling. During the great depression of the 1930s, many people started living in them as they were no longer of use and they became mobile homes. They could not be parked in the towns and cities and this is when people started associating them with impoverished people.

Institutions also discriminated against people who owned such homes to the extent of denying them access to mortgages. Laws that dealt with zoning insisted on driving these homes out of the towns into the outskirts. Gradually, the idea of making a mobile home a permanent residence gained acceptance and the private housing industry became interested.

Modern trailers have improved structural security as they now have proper foundations and use hurricane straps to protect them from strong winds. The government made the negative views of these homes worse by building mobile homes to people who were rendered homeless by the hurricane Katrina. Other people refer to them as white trash or ghetto due to their nature.

They can only be found in places that their existed is not prohibited and have recent names such as mobile home communities and manufactured housing sites. A potential owner should be over the age of 50 and persons who are under the age of 18 years are restricted to living there. These communities are also being gated and have amenities like swimming pools.

They are a big and profitable business especially after hundreds of thousands of Americans lost their homes in the financial crisis created a demand. It is estimated that 20 million Americans live in mobile homes which is according to a new census figure. Charles Becker, who is a professor of economics, says that not everyone who lives in these homes is poor.

About 60% of people who own these trailers are in full employment with the remaining percentage being retired which is according to the manufactured housing institute. These homes should not be seen to be really mobile as it is only easier compared to other houses to pick up your things and leave if you are not comfortable. Poor people in America are more likely to own such homes as others are too expensive for them.

The trailer has offered a great solution in providing affordable homes to a number of people who earn low income. The kinds of apartments that are available for such people are usually worn out and tiny with the trailer offering more space. The price of owning a home is always rising while the income on the side is constant thus making the chances of people owning homes very slim.

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