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Bruce Tompkins

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Why Retirees Want Rural Land For Sale Southern Colorado

They are our parents and grandparents, these Baby Boomers, and we owe them a great deal. Born nine months after the end of World War II, they brought us The Peace Movement, Jack Kerouac, Walmart, the Internet, and Women in the workplace. They are an aging generation, but they have spunk, and many of them are taking their spunk West by purchasing the rural land for sale southern Colorado.

The men and women of the generation that preceded them spent their golden years walking on the beach and playing shuffle board in Florida. Ft. Myers, Florida is the most popular retirement district in America. Many of these retirees lived a life they had only been able to dream about.

Their offspring grew up during an age of economic growth and stability, and many have retired on pensions, 401k distributions, and other assets they acquired for themselves. They learned from their predecessors, and they realize that full retirement is a death sentence for many people. By purchasing land they can utilize in a variety of ways, they intend to keep themselves robust and fully engaged in life.

With a nearly unlimited bounty of mountainous land available in these Western states, the opportunity is there to buy, buy, buy. Some of these zones have sparse trees and can only be characterized as a high-steppe plain. Other states have their wooded areas with lots, plots, or acres for sale, and these areas are home to deer, elk, bear, boar, and many varieties of birds.

In fact, the elevation in Denver is so high that people have to protect themselves from sunburn much the way they do at the beach. Because most vacation areas are near the equator, the sun is closer to their skin than it had been in the state they lived in prior to retirement. In Denver the same is true because of the elevation, placing the residents of that great city much closer to our friend Sol.

This being the first generation of sun worshippers, many if them must take extra precautions today. From the 1950s to the 1980s, women were encouraged through popular media to spend hours laying in the sun, browning their skin. By the time the 1990s came around, it was well-established that even one sunburn can cause a person to develop skin cancer later in life.

Anyone with a history of skin cancer must avoid exposure to the sun at all times, lest they see the lesions return over and over. To avoid exposure, they do like their mothers and carry frilly umbrellas, wear large-brim hats, and sometimes even cover their hands with white gloves. These measures help keep them out of Sol's way, and it also shows a real sense of style as well.

These women are bringing such trends back out of both their personal necessity, and an old-fashioned sense of style. This is making Ft. Myers, Florida and Denver, along with the outer areas, an area boasting the most fashionable elderly population on the planet. Few would deny that the generation of the flappers had real style and pizazz!

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