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Jeanette Magnusson

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Learn How Colloidal Silver Can Maintain Health

Without health, one has nothing. Falling ill once in a while is common, and it's a way of life, but feeling chronically ill is not common. There are many people who fall under this category, and they should do something about it. Doctors today are constantly prescribing medications to treat symptoms, but rarely treat the problem at its source. Perhaps colloidal silver can help. This is an antibiotic that's completely natural. It has so many uses, as will be seen below.

Basically pure colloidal silver acts as a catalyst to disable bacteria, fungus, and viruses. The human body doesn't get hurt in any way, but with the help of the right colloidal silver dosage, one is capable of destructing disease causing organisms through suffocation. There are still people alive today would place a silver dollar in a glass of water to sit overnight to drink fluid in the morning.

In 1938, the world was introduced to pharmaceutical antibiotics. Prior to that, colloidal silver was the antibiotic mainstream treatment by physicians. Unfortunately, it was put aside because the magic pills were doing a fine job, and were also extremely financially lucrative. It's too bad that these pharmaceutical antibiotics have so many side effects, especially with unbalancing the gut bacteria.

As a result, bad bacteria takes over in what is a very important part of the body, the digestive system. On the other hand, colloidal silver does not cause any imbalance in the gut with regards to bacteria, that it can kill up to 650 organisms without developing resistant strains. After the organisms are killed, they are cleared out via one of the bodies elimination systems. It's all done safely and without concern, as tissue cell enzymes remain intact.

When shopping for this product, find a reputable source that offers superior products. Look for one that has a greenish tone to it, and is produced by electro colloidal methods. This means that the particles along with the water bind to each other through electric current. Avoid those that are made with chemicals.

Being a fluid, it is taken orally. Swoosh around the mouth to kill bacteria in the oral cavity, as well as to allow it to be absorbed quickly into the body. It'll take about 3 to 4 days before benefits will begin to occur. It can be taken on a daily basis, or simply to treat different illnesses.

Use it directly on a cut to clear and infection and possibly even reduce the risk of scar tissue from developing. Chronic low-grade infections can be cleared by taking such a preventative health measure. For those who are very ill and want to rid themselves of toxins, it's important to take their time doing it. Killing off pathogens too quickly can have adverse effects, since the organs can be temporarily overloaded.

In such cases, it could cause flu-like conditions, with extreme fatigue and dizziness, as well as headaches and nausea. Keep drinking plenty of water, and ensure all movements are regular. Detoxification requires regular bowel movements, so if there is constipation, be sure to take a laxative to maintain regularity. Other uses of this solution include using it for nasal passages and sinuses. It can be used on burns, cuts, abrasions, in the eyes and ears. It can also serve as a great deodorant. It can even be used on warts, bug bites, and eczema.

You can get top tips and guidance on how to save money on pure colloidal silver water by referring to the web page. You may also review all the reasons why you should use now.

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