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Rose George

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With Assistance From Business VoIP Providers Chicago Companies Can Achieve Significant Cost Reductions

Modern business is more like war than friendly competition. To survive in this business world it is necessary to offer superior service, superior products and services and superior financing. This is not always easy. However, most successful businesses will admit that their success is based upon superior communication. The ability to communicate whenever and wherever the client needs is the one main secret of success. With help from business voip providers Chicago corporations can lead the field.

There are no secrets regarding the reasons for the increasing popularity of internet based communications systems. They are just simply superior to anything else on offer. These systems entail much more than just the ability to receive and to make calls. They are much more and they can become part of the strategic management system of any business, regardless of size and location.

Many companies opt for internet based telephone systems in order to save money. Indeed, the savings that can be achieved can be as much as fifty per cent of the total communications bill. If one could quantify the value of increased productivity, higher customer satisfaction levels and decreased down time the savings can be truly significant. Maintenance costs are also much lower.

Old fashioned phone systems can be extremely limiting and in most cases they act like shackles. If a person is not at his desk he cannot make or receive calls. Internet based systems set users free. They can receive and place calls regardless of where they are physically. The ability to be where one can act most productively and profitably is perhaps one of the most important benefits of online telephone systems.

Users of internet based systems love the fact that they can use a variety of devices to access the system. This ability provides for a great deal of flexibility. Users can use their tablets, computers or their smart phones. Communication records are automatically synchronised across all the devices. Users can therefore access their communication records and databases from any device, knowing that the records are always up to date.

Users quickly wonder how they ever managed without the many rich features offered by internet based communication systems. They still enjoy traditional features such as voice mail and call forwarding but now they also have voice to email and fax, effort free conference calling, and the ability to transfer calls to any other user, even if they are at a remote site.

Traditional systems require an installation at each branch or site. Internet based systems, however, require just one central installation. This also lead to savings. The software running the system is hosted by the service provider. This means that the client does not have to take responsibility for upgrades and maintenance. There is also no need to employ operators at each site or branch.

There can be no doubt that online communication systems have come to stay. They offer superior features and they can help businesses to increase their productivity and efficiency. It seems as if the next few years will be the death of traditional systems. Who needs to be at a desk to communicate, one wonders.

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