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Mary Dehn

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Purchasing High End Action Figures

There are plenty of individuals who are constantly looking for toy items which resemble characters from different television shows. Quite a few of these human beings really like high end action figures since they are more durable and will last a lifetime. When Science Fiction Metropolis fist came on the scene they were interested in making the best "Lost In Space" dolls that a person could purchase. Even though these dolls are expensive they will usually sell out very quickly.

The good looking man named John Robinson was the first doll to be released over the internet. He was the fearless leader of the space group and would always get his family out of trouble. Nine years ago fans everywhere could obtain their very own Professor Robinson statue who was quite tall and distinguished looking.

This particular company could only afford to produce less than five hundred of these items and they were a bit expensive. John was a durable doll who wore unique clothing upon his body. The toy dealers also made it possible for the fans to buy this item within a damaged box which had a cheaper price tag.

The poor economy within American and other places makes it impossible for an individual to purchase this item. Only the devoted followers of this series will spend the extra cash in order to possess the statue. Many people will also display the item at their local places of business. Dr. Zachary Smith also came out around the same time as John Robinson and he was also a quality toy.

Even though actor Johnathan Harris passed away in 2002, his image will live on within this unique statue which wears a silly grin. All of the "Lost In Space" statues are wearing season three outfits. This was the last season for this show and many fans call it the most exciting one. Dr. Smith looks very comfortable in his dark shirt and corduroy pants.

Fortunately Dr. Smith sold quite well and many people are still looking everywhere for this item. The toy company has now retired this item and he has become one collectible which is in demand. The lucky individual will occasionally find this item listed over any internet location for a steep price. The great sales proved that this character is very popular with fans living across the globe.

"The Keeper" was one statue that is not so popular with the fans who once watched this series. This item had the lowest sales even though he was well made in every possible way. Many individuals feel that Science Fiction Metropolis should have created all of the family members first before starting the villain line of toys. Anyone can still purchase this particular item for a cheaper price online.

Maureen Robinson was the holy grail within this series of dolls. The statue sold out quickly and nowadays she cannot be found anywhere. The company also retired this figure and many fans are disappointed with their decision. Mrs. Robinson had on her season three uniform and wore a molded hair style upon her head.

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