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Sandra McCue

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Things You Should Know About Trailer Parks Williston ND

Trailer parks are popular mobile home parks that can be found in different areas in the United States. Trailer parks, for example trailer parks Williston ND are a popular choice for people who cannot afford to own a home. They offer modest earning people a chance to live in an affordable, stand alone home in a rural setup.

They cater for different types of people such as families who have children. People who are also retired also prefer this kind of home. Anyone who cannot afford their dream home can take up this option.

Many people in the economy today do not have the potential of owning a decent home for their families and themselves. They constantly fear that they could be homeless. Trailer parks provide an ideal solution to them.

Anyone renting a park home cannot be said to be homeless. This is despite the fact that they do not own the land or the trailer itself. In most cases people rent the home and the land beneath it and refer that as their home.

There is a big difference between trailer parks and the normal rural community setups. First they are usually privately owned by landowners. They are run and managed as profit making enterprises unlike rural communities.

Since they are private property, community governance rarely applies. The owners usually come up with the rules of living in them. They then enforce these rules and residents must live by them.

The owners usually regulate the lives of their residents with their codes and regulations. They also abdicate responsibilities for the behavior of the residents. The governance of the parks is therefore not democratic.

People still prefer renting and living in them despite the many limitations. They are popular among people who cannot afford owning homes but find them affordable. They offer them a chance to live in a community where they share a rural identity in comfortable and affordable shelters.

The number of homes differs from one park to another. Some have the capacity of holding up to 600 homes. The population in some of them is estimated to be more than 1000.

Several amenities have to be shared by residents. These mostly include things like parking, bathroom and laundry areas. Some also offer recreational facilities such as football grounds, play grounds for children and even pool tables.

The maintenance of the park homes in most cases is handled by the park owner. This is usually the case where the agreement between the rent and the park owner is that the residents only pay rent. The owner of the park is therefore responsible for maintaining the homes.

In other cases the owners and the residents have a rent to own agreement. In this arrangement the resident pays rent for a certain duration and afterwards owns it. The duration could be like after 5 years.

In these instances the rent is usually higher. The arrangement also means that the resident is in charge of maintaining the trailer park. The land owner is no longer responsible for their upkeep.

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