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Deloris McCormick

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Fight Fungals Using Colloidal Silver

Colloidal mineral ions is a liquid solution that is made by electrolysis. The liquid has suspensions of elemental metallic silver that have protein molecules attached to them. The particles should always be suspended since their electric charge is greater that gravity. Therefore, when the liquid is of good quality, you do not have to shake it before you use it. This article will highlight the use of colloidal silver in medication.

The best form of this liquid is clear or pale yellow in color. It is important always to check for this color and avoid darker colors since the particles in the suspension ought to be small. In case they are not small, they produce darker colors, and this means that they will not be absorbed into the body.

The solution is a strong antibiotic that is known to prevent various infections. It works by disabling the single-celled enzymes that provide oxygen metabolism. The organism needs oxygen to survive and so when they are deprived of it, they die. It also works so without causing harm to humans. The result, therefore, is strong immune systems and healthy bodies.

The silver liquid has been used since the olden days. It was used as a disinfectant log before antibacterial soap was invented. Even in the present times, it is still used to kill bacteria. The silver in it is capable of preventing and combating bacterial infections, as it does not corrode.

The ancient people also used it to dress their wound more so during the period of civil war in America. Even churches used it for communion chalices, as it would prevent the spread of disease. Nonetheless, with the invention of regulated synthesized medications, its use went down. It did pick up with time as it was used for lifestyle purposes while promoting natural foods.

Persons who back the use of this solution assert that it is useful for treating all kinds of illnesses and viruses. It is mainly because it does not react to form dangerous compounds with other medications. Scientific studies also prove that silver is very effective in killing bacteria quickly. It is not made for a particular type of bacteria, and this means that it can combat all disease brought about by pathogens.

Persons using the silver have various ways of maximizing its efficiency. Individuals with conjunctivitis put some drops into their eyes a couple of times daily. Those with throat infections gargle it daily. However, the best dose to use is mixing three or four drops of the solution in a glass of water.

Even with all these benefits, medical men and women ignore this drug. It has several benefits to the body, but it also has side effects that the medical community does not approve. According to science, there is no essential need for silver in the human body; meaning that those who use it frequently may end having a buildup of metals. The side effect is argyria, it is a medical condition where your eyes and skin become gray or blue in color though your health is not affected.

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