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Christina Stone

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8 Important Advantages Of Colloidal Silver Medication

Evidential research on ancient Greece has shown that using silverware can greatly reduce the chances of one acquiring common ailments. These discoveries led to the study of colloidal silver and the discovery of its medicinal properties. However, as opposed to common belief, this supplement has been used by certain societies for thousands of years. Below are some of the benefits one can take from taking the drug.

Many people are also wary of these said benefits because they consider this compound a heavy metal, hence potentially dangerous. However, several research studies have been conducted, and they have confirmed that the compound indeed contains medicinal properties. Moreover, there are indications that it does not interact with other herbs and drugs. Hence, there is no need to fear.

Many people suffer from common cold and flu. These are simple ailments that have no cure. The available medication only serves to reduce the effects of the symptoms. However, this drug can help prevent the onset of the disease. Gargling a few drops of the substance suspended in water and spraying under the tongue and the back of the mouth is very effective. One should also take a lot of Vitamin C.

For someone suffering from internal problems that are difficult to treat, the solution might lie in silver. Suspending 7 oz. In a quarter liter of non-chlorinated water has shown the ability to clear the bacteria that cause conditions such as diarrhea, diverticulitis, irritable bowel, flu and food poisoning. This is particularly because it is absorbed fast before it reaches the large intestine.

Doctors always recommend preventive medicine as this helps the body fight diseases before they enter the system. Internal parasites are some of the organisms that can be really annoying. However, you can prevent them by taking a pure colloidal silver. It prevents parasitic eggs from hatching, as they are vulnerable to the effects of the metal. Hence, it functions as a preventive measure.

The right dose should be given by a certified professional. In most cases, a one-off dose first thing in the morning before consuming food followed by 20 minutes of rest should suffice. Because the composition may unbalance the intestinal flora, taking substances such as yogurt is recommended to reestablish the balance.

The internal organs, including the blood, require occasional cleaning to remove residual chemicals. This is where antioxidants come in. This product is known to have the properties necessary for cleaning these organs. One should consume 7 oz. When needed and the job is done.

This product is known to contain powerful disinfectant, germicidal and antiseptic properties. It is a pure metal and does not contain any other chemical compounds; hence, very safe for human use. It treats many conditions such as skin problems, dandruff, burns and the like.

Taking the recommended colloidal silver dosage can help with many more health conditions. Other common problems with which this product help include fungal infections, eye infections, and yeast infections. In the last few years, these supplements have gained much attention from a health professional who have recommended the use on fungal, viral, and even bacterial infections.

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