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Josh Cass

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How To Utilize Colloidal Silver In Medicine

Silver has a wide range of applications that may be in the fashion industry, medicine and manufacturing among others. In medicine, the most useful form of this element is what is known as colloidal silver. This colloid is formed by suspending elemental particles in water. It has for many years been used as a natural antibiotic. The mechanism of action is that it inhibits important enzymes in microorganisms and causes them to die. This effectively controls an infection.

The colloid was very popular until the turn of the twentieth century when more effective antibiotics were discovered. Apart from lower effectiveness and potency, silver based antibiotics were relatively more expensive to produce. In spite of this, it has been adopted for many other uses in the medical field. It is available in many forms such as creams, wound dressings and a component of prosthetic implants.

The bacterial organisms that colonize the skin and mucosal surfaces are the most susceptible to the effects of this colloid. This is the reasoning behind the impregnation of endotracheal tubes with the colloid. The tubes are used in patients who need general anesthesia and those that require long term ventilator support in intensive care units. The presence of silver serves as prophylaxis against pneumonia.

As a cream formulation, the colloid has a benefit in the treatment of superficial burn injuries. Not only does it keep skin infections in check but is also central to the reduction of body water loss through evaporation. Wound dressings that have been impregnated with the element serve a similar purpose when they are used in the management of chronic, non-healing wounds such as those seen among diabetics.

The element is normally reacted with various salts to yield therapeutically useful compounds. Silver nitrate is an example. The nitrate which is the main component of most eye drops is usually given to some newborns to act as prophylaxis against conjunctivitis. It is also has other uses that include management of skin conditions such as warts and corns and as a component of artificial implants.

There are several benefits that may be realized by using this treatment. For instance, the colloid has very low toxicity it gains entry into the body through ingestion, inhalation or dermal contact at low doses. There may be some unwanted effects, however, when used in excessive amounts or for a prolonged duration. The element usually accumulates below the skin especially when used topically. Blue or gray discoloration (agyria) may occur when the affected skin is exposed to sunlight.

Agyria disfigures the areas that are affected. This will of course be a huge concern if the face is affected. The unfortunate thing about the condition is that it is irreversible. Avoiding further direct sunlight exposure and using makeup are the main interventions that can be undertaken. Apart from the skin, other organs such as the kidney, liver and the brain may also be damaged.

One of the biggest concerns as relates to the use of silver compounds for treatment is the fact that has for many years been marketed for the wrong reasons. A number of practitioners of alternative medicine claim that such compounds are effective in managing chronic illnesses such as cancer, HIV/AIDS, diabetes and tuberculosis. At the same time, there have been claims that it is an essential element in the body that should be taken as supplements. All these claims have no scientific backing.

You can now obtain pure colloidal silver directly from a reliable source. To know more about the health benefits of pure colloidal silver, go to this web page at

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