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Positives Of Choosing Attractive Parti Poodles

There is so much variety in dog breeds that a person should have no problem finding one that fits both the look and size they desire, but also has the behavioral habits that are best suited for that individual's living situation. Having an idea of what one needs in their pet can be very useful in deciding which types are the top options. Parti poodles are one of the most intelligent animals around and have the beauty and other positive attributes many people find appealing.

The only thing that set this group of dogs apart from others of the same breed is their coat. They are more than half white with one other color and each section separates abruptly with no blending between them. One characteristic that identifies this subset is that rather than a single flesh hue, their skin is actually bi-toned to coincide with the fur changes.

Another thing that sets this grouping apart from other dual tone subsets is the fact that ticking, the appearance of small black dots on the fur, does not appear in the white sections at all. Because this characteristic is very dominant within the breed itself, most breeders will avoid using sires or dams that show any signs of it. While this does not guarantee they will produce perfect coated puppies, it does increase the chances.

In spite of having an amazing coat style, many kennel clubs still ban them from being shown in the conformation events. However, some, like the AKC, will allow them to register according to color classification, in order to perform in agility categories and obedience disciplines. With the hope of a future change in rules, breeders keep trying to perfect group detailing.

All the wonderful traits for which the breed are known are still present in those belonging to this special group. Because of their advanced intelligence, they learn tricks quickly and are great at taking commands. Instructions should be given in firm tones though frequent praising sparks their eagerness to please their people.

The breed has a very unique look with coats that are corded, or in a curly style similar to a lamb's, that is typically cut in the French style featuring pom-poms of fur on the head, chest, ears, ankles and tails. Their height at the withers is same as the length of the body, so they look a bit boxy. They have far spaced, oval eyes that are dark and set on a roundish skull with a straight muzzle.

The AKC only recognizes three size categories for this breed. Any that are ten inches or less at their shoulder is characterized as Toys. Miniatures can be up to 15" at the withers and anything exceeding that is considered a Standard.

There are several attributes aside from their appearance and extreme intelligence that have made these dogs a favorite for many centuries. They tend to form deep bonds with their family and get along well with most any type of pet including other dogs, cats, and birds. They are generally well behaved as long as they get plenty of attention, affection, and the opportunity to exercise, as they are highly energetic.

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