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Sharlene Lejeune

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Main Info Involving Colloidal Silver

Supplements are one of the many ways people can improve their health. Some people use colloidal silver. The Food and Drug Administration in the US took this off the shelves in the 1990s, claiming it was ineffective and unsafe. Yet it is still used by many and said to have many health benefits.

Products of this kind have been marketed and promoted for medicinal purposes, although there is little evidence to support many of the claims. The FDA does not approve any over-the-counter or prescription medicines including this silver that are to be taken orally. Still, products are being made available and labeled as homeopathic solutions or dietary supplements. It might be difficult to test the purity and strength of such products, which could put a safety hazard.

It is fundamental that people take the time to research to learn about the positives and negatives of this supplements. They are encouraged to learn all that they can about the provider as well. This includes the manufacturer or the seller of these supplements. Although there are concerns related to safety and effectiveness, many still take this as a supplement. It is used for many ailments, such as parasites, bacteria, yeast and viruses.

Silver is often used for conditions that afflict the lungs, including bronchitis and emphysema. It might help those suffering with skin conditions. This includes impetigo, rosacea, cradle crap, eczema and more. Many times this is employed for reducing inflammation present in the prostate, tonsils, bladder, colon, sinuses, stomach and appendix. Some people suggest that this could be an effective aid for those with trench foot, lupus, leukemia, cancer, arthritis, gum disease, hay fever and other allergies, and diabetes.

Supplements might be taken for preventative purposes. That is, to avoid the flu or common cold. Women might use this while pregnant as a way to improve the development and health of their baby. Benefits might also extend to them, aiding them through the processes of delivery and recovery. Some people apply this directly to the skin for treating acne, infections and burns. It can be used to kill germs as well. Although this is used for many different reasons, the benefits it is said to produce are just claims until they are backed by more scientific studies.

All people will have their own response to this. There are side effects associated with this supplement. Some common conditions that arise from taking this include blue discoloration of skin and silver deposits in the organs. Women who are pregnant or breast-feeding might notice development of their baby is abnormal, especially in the neck, face and ears.

A lot remains unknown about the silver in its pure form. In fact, many are unaware of how much should be taken. This varies based on many details. Still, silver dosage can be difficult to determine, even by medical professionals. People are encouraged to see the help of professionals in the field if they choose to use this to treat the body. Though natural, this may not be safe or effective for every person.

People need to be informed when it comes to this mineral and how to use it. Results will range. Safety should be a priority, which is why people are encouraged to have doctors oversee their treatment with these supplements.

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