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Mollie Nguyen

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The Guidelines Given In CPR Classes Sacramento

The professional environment usually requires that someone is trained in first aid or basic medical techniques. There is typically a member of staff who is given this training and who then applies first aid in a disaster. One of the most important techniques in layperson's first aid is CPR, which is taught in BLS Sacramento training in CPR classes Sacramento.

CPR is a technical term used to refer to the technique that is used to treat people who are no longer breathing naturally, or who are not breathing at all. It is sometimes described as artificial respiration. It involves the first aid person breathing for the afflicted person. They inhale and exhale for the latter.

There are different reasons why people stop breathing. One of these is heart failure, where the heart stops functioning and the body cannot acquire enough oxygen. Another is drowning, where the lungs fill with water and the breathing process is restricted or stopped entirely.

In the absence of breathing, the patient can asphyxiate in a short space of time. This might be a matter of mere minutes. Their body cannot absorb enough oxygen into the blood in the lungs and they die of suffocation.

The basic technique of CPR is that the person giving the treatment breathes for the person who is not breathing, or is not able to. This involves the basic concept of the former exhaling into the mouth of the person who is not breathing. The basic position of one mouth to another is known as mouth-to-mouth resuscitation or the "kiss of life". It is often seen in movies or at scenes of disasters.

But the technique itself is not so simple and the person using it should have some knowledge on how to use it sensibly and prevent injury to the patient. If it not used appropriately the patient can die.

CPR involves the use of a system of timing. The person performing the CPR counts seconds between their breaths or inhalations. They need to do this because they are breathing into the patient's respiratory system, so their artificial breathing should mimic the natural breathing of the patient. They should therefore not breathe too fast or too hard. The patient's body cannot regulate this, so it is important and should be kept in mind at all times.

Where the heart has stopped, the patient also needs heart massage. This is probably also a familiar sight. The person should place their folded hands on the chest of the patient and massage the heart area by pumping them up and down. An infant is also massaged in this way, but using two fingers instead and not the entire hands. Obviously, too much pressure can injure the patient.

CPR might sound primitive but it can keep the other person alive for a long time, almost an hour. If there is no other option, it is imperative and should be applied immediately.

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