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Meghan Sonnier

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Trichotillomania Hair Regrowth: Recovery Information And Alternative Options

More often than not, people who suffer from self-induced hair loss are unaware of the problem until it is too late. In fact, most of them seek medical attention when they start developing spots of baldness and are suffering from embarrassment that is associated with the situation. Trichotillomania is a disorder that is mind related and as soon as you become aware of the situation, you should seek for immediate treatment. In the treatment process or after a successful treatment, you can then go for the trichotillomania hair regrowth to help restore your look to normal and stop worrying of embarrassment.

Normally, the trichotillomania disorder begins in the early childhood on in the adolescence. In most cases, people don't consider it as a problem till when they are 17 years or older given that the evidence may not be seen early enough. Generally, the disorder is said to affect 4% of the world population, but only a few people seek treatment. Of those who go to look for treatment, 3 in 4 are female patients.

This is a mind related problem. One is unable to resist his impulses. This impairment where an individual is not in the position to control his impulses results in a situation that is self-harming. Generally, there are several other impulse disorders, including pyromania, kleptomania and even impulsive shopping among others.

This is why increased level of awareness is important. Just like the case of pyromania where the patient is not in control of setting things on fire and kleptomania where the patient has stealing habits that he cannot control, or even the shopping disorder or gambling disorder, trichotillomania too is a disorder that needs special care and treatment.

Other factors that can trigger it or make the situation worse include stress, anxiety, and depression. These can be caused by life related issues like financial challenges, work related tension, strained relationships, and pending exams. Even the positive related anxiety such as pending wedding, buying a house or buying a car can also trigger or aggravate the disorder.

There are many causes of stress or anxiety. Most of these relate to family situation such as strained relationships, financial difficulties, and even stress or anxiety that is office related. However, not all causes of anxiety have a negative connotation, and upcoming event such as a wedding or buying a new vehicle too can accelerate the situation.

Currently, the FDA has not approved any particular drug to treat the trichotillomania. The homeopathy is a therapy that is quickly gaining recognition due to its high rate of success. Up to 90% of patients are said to recover with this therapy. It targets the root cause of the problem by focusing on controlling the underlying impulses. The other alternative is behavioral therapy that deals with changing the habits that have proven uncontrollable. If the patient is a child, then the parent needs to be counselled so as to help the child recover.

A success in trichotillomania treatment does not mean that hair growth will resume, particularly if they were damaged from their roots. This is when you have to consider the regrowth alternatives available. There are many drug therapies for this, many of which works by stimulating the follicle which in turn promotes new growth. In the case where the follicle was damaged, the surgical hair restoration may be the only reasonable solution.

If you are searching for information about trichotillomania hair regrowth, you can pay a visit to our recommended home page. For further guidance, make sure you contact us via this link at now.

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