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Paulette Chea

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A Summarized Examination Of Catholicism And Fundamentalism By Keating

Protestants and non-Catholics have sustained their attack on the Rome based church for centuries. They have produced numerous books and made accusations without getting substantial rebuttal. Karl Keating through Catholicism and Fundamentalism comes to the defense of Roman Catholic Church in an incisive and detailed manner. The book speaks to Catholics, Protestants and non-Christians in a way that is simplistic and easy to understand.

Keating uses a simple language that makes the book easy to understand. This book highlights the role played by anti-catholic organizations and individuals in America including the dates of meetings and activities these individuals have funded. The book signals a consistent attempt to shine the spotlight on historical errors made by the church and how they have been used to disparage it today.

Karl Keating addresses the accusation that the Catholic Church does not rely on the bible for doctrinal direction. This is an assertion made by Protestants as they focus on some of the rites performed in the church. The author gives a comprehensive account of the doctrines in question and quotes the relevant verses in the bible. This book has been quoted numerously by many Catholic bible blogs because of the details provided.

A significant historical occurrence that has seen the Roman Catholic Church under attack is a period during which there were two popes. Keating provides a historical perspective to the crisis that led to this scenario as well as how it was resolved. The answers are consistent with publications made in many traditional catholic blogs that have been labeled as apologists for this Rome based outfit.

Mary the mother of Jesus remains a soft target for the Catholic Church and a grey area among Catholic faithful. She holds a privileged position within the church much to the dismay of Protestants and non-Christians. The perspective provided by Keating results in a fact based answer explaining all the issues of concern about Mary and the Catholic faith. These facts are drawn from the old and new testaments.

Evangelicals and Protestants have joined the chorus about the Rome based church being too conservative. Keating affords them a few pages where changes over centuries are highlighted and the impact these changes have had on catholic faithful. According to the author, this card is drawn to justify unexplained practices by protestants and attract more youths to evangelical movements that are considered to be more vibrant.

Non-Christians have an entire section dedicated to them. This is to address their claim that because of the many perceived inconsistencies in the bible, it was not inspired by God. Karl Keating dismantles this notion by providing a historical background of the bible writing process. The apparent inconsistencies are also explained.

Karl Keating uses this book to address Protestants, Catholics and non-Catholics on definitive issues. The explanations have been picked by conservative catholic blogs but not to the depth covered in the book. The simple language used, consistency in facts and detailed coverage of contentious issues makes the book an amazing read. It is considered one of the most comprehensive sources of answers about the Catholic faith and church.

When you are looking for information about traditional Catholic blogs, you should pay a visit to our web pages here today. Additional details can be seen at now.

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