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Mary Wicks

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What To Look For In Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil That Demonstrates Top Quality

Health is a very important subject, and the Internet has made people much more aware these days. They are making positive changes with regards to their diets and lifestyle, while they include more exercise. Eating right, with the best ingredients is key to longevity, which is why many people are turning to cold pressed extra virgin olive oil. Perhaps it also has something to do with its incredible good taste as well, but some in the industry are making claims about their products that are completely false.

The good news is that the Internet is making people aware of this very serious problem. As such, many are making smarter choices, opting for oil that comes from Northern California olive farms and are certified extra virgin olive oil. Certified EVOO means that people are getting quality, the quality that they are paying for.

Although this product is often associated with Mediterranean countries where the tree of this fruit originates, California is certainly not second rated. First off, it is a regulated industry, and it is made with the utmost care. The process involves pressing the fruit of this tree at a given temperature, and never surpassing it. Surpassing this temperature will only compromise the quality. It won't taste as good, and it won't have the same health benefits, so it's always important that it be cold pressed.

Through legal loopholes, some companies have done questionable things to produce more oil, such as by combining others in order to use less of the quality product. Consumers can protect themselves by doing their own homework, such as by refrigerating a sample. If it is pure, it will solidify. Keep in mind that sunflower and some other oils will also solidify, but there are other tests that can be done.

According to the level of processing the oil underwent, the label would indicate it, which would allow consumers to know its quality. Extra virgin printed on the label would indicate it only underwent one press, using no heat or chemicals during extraction. It is this option that will provide the greatest health benefits, as its rich in antioxidants and polyphenols.

For different reasons, but all that come down to making a greater profit, some companies adulterated the oil using a combination of sunflower and soy bean oil mixed together with a pure product. Of course, consumers were never at risk with regards to their health, but they are purchasing a product and being fooled. They are also paying more for an inferior product. Thankfully there are strict regulations that can help protect consumers.

California is a special place in this world, known for superior agriculture and is becoming increasingly popular with wine as well as olive oil. The industry is getting good attention because it is developing an impressive product that is certified for the consumers' protection. One simple sample will convert even the pickiest consumer.

To capture its essence, use it on a salad of any type and never worry about the calories associated with it. Keep in mind that calories are different depending on where they come from. Food that's filled with antioxidants provide way too many benefits to be ignored or neglected.

If you would like to know where to order certified extra virgin olive oil from, just take a quick look at our official website. Find here all the details about our products by visiting this homepage at right now.

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