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Wendy Fleming

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Key Benefits Of Using Colloidal Silver Medication

You must have come across lots testimonials on the benefits of the new revolutionary natural remedy for multiple diseases. There are also those doubting the benefits that the invention can provide, despite the reputation it has gathered. This article will educate you on the benefits you may withdraw from colloidal silver.

There are three primary ways through which the new invention works to provide remedy to almost 650 infections. It works by catalytic oxidation which later leads to blockage of cellular oxidation resulting from reaction with sulfhydal groups. Silver ions also attach themselves to cell membranes with the aim of blocking respiration. Lastly, they can also enter into the DNA to inhibit further replication.

The mineral is a proven treatment for sinusitis infection. Patient suffering from such diseases can use it in two ways. First, it can be used as a nasal spray as per the findings of the International Forum for Allergy and Rhinology. A few drops of silver can be smeared directly on the nasal cavity and allowed to drain down the throat. It has been found to destroy pathogens it comes into contact with.

Almost all the known types of flu including swine and even common colds can be treated using pure colloidal silver. A study done by the NIH in 2011 on children under age 12 reveled that those who were put on silver treatment recovered faster and completely. A lot of clinical evidence has not been gathered to validate this benefit, but with so many claims of recovery, this could be true. Traditionally, flu caused by bacteria can take quite some time to go away.

The number of patients who develop resistance to the modern line of drugs has been on a steady increase. This has proved challenging to medical practitioners as they find it more difficult to treat infections once considered simple. Some of the diseases which have proved hard to deal with include bronchitis and pneumonia. However, with the introduction of the preparation, there is hope.

Most eye and ear infections are caused by either viruses or bacterial. The treatment being both an anti-viral and anti-bacterial provides sufficient defense against these infections. The use of the product around the inflamed areas works by reducing the swellings. It also attracts pathogens that cause infections and sends them for elimination out of the body. This therefore stops the irritation within a short period of time.

It is an effective antiviral that when introduced into the body acts by suppressing virus activities. It has been known to provide remedy for a number of viral infections including HIV/AIDS, pneumonia and herpes among others. It basically works by suffocating the viruses and has been claimed to provide remedy against hepatitis C.

For boosting your immune system, you only need to ingest one eyedropper and you are good to go. For skin infections, two to three drops will be sufficient. However, it is advisable to seek help with the right colloidal silver dosage to avoid wrong usage. When not used correctly or abused, patients may suffer from certain side effects. For instance, continual abuse of the substance can result to a condition where one turns blue.

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