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Thomas Vickers

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Eliminating Unicellular Organisms Using Colloidal Silver

Silver is one of the pure elements that is beneficial to human beings. In this article, the focus will be on how colloidal silver treats many diseases because it is toxic to microorganisms. Species like bacteria, protozoa, fungi, and viruses cannot survive in the presence of silver solution.

Because of this treating property, the mineral solution is gaining ground around the medical world. The ability to use silver ions to treat different diseases has made it attractive. People are adopting the therapeutic element as an alternative therapy, and they profess its wonderful curative powers.

Treatment using silver is not a modern treatment. It is because medical papers show that research has been ongoing on silver treatment since the 1930s. Studies show that the mineral is useful in treating various disease because it is harmless and does not react to form complex compounds. Single-celled organisms such as protozoa, virus and bacteria find it toxic that is why it kills them. It acts as a catalyst that prevents the respiration of these organisms by disabling the enzymes.

When you use silver, it protects the natural enzymes in the body; as a result stimulating the growth of tissues. Despite the many proven benefits, most manufacturers had stopped producing it because they could not patent it and due to its costs. During the early days, it was being used as both an effective antibiotic and antifungal.

The reason it is becoming more popular today is because it has become relatively affordable, and it can also treat various diseases. Those that discover its medicinal value have found it excellent because of its surprising results. These people profess that it is powerful against many infections.

The ions suspensions prevent the respiration of unicellular organisms; as a result killing them. In the olden days, people used the solution for preserving foods especially milk to stay fresh at room temperature. The ultra-fine silver particles offer quick and effective results compared to the other pharmaceutical drugs.

The fact that the ions can destroy bacteria without interfering with the natural tissues as well as promote bone growth makes the drug a wonder in the medicine world. Most of the diseases causing germs on this day are bacteria. The drug is, therefore, a breakthrough in the medical industry because the suspension can treat nearly half of human diseases. Studies show that when over 650 different unicellular organisms were placed in the suspension they all died. This was a great milestone in drug manufacturing because it could treat many diseases.

Treatment using the silver drug is simple. You just put the suspension near the wound, and it disables oxygen supply in that area. It is so effective such that within minutes the pathogen dies and is removed by the body immune system. It leaves your tissue-cell enzymes intact only destroying the pathogen metabolism.

Being an effective medication, you need to use the suspension to treat the different diseases. It is because it has no side effects on multicellular organisms like reptiles, amphibians, birds and plants.

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