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Antoni Widner

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How To Utilize Colloidal Silver For Treatment


Silver has a wide range of uses that range from manufacturing to medical to the cosmetic industry. In the medical industry, the form that is used is known as colloidal silver. This form is formed by suspending particles of the element in a liquid. The use of this substance was widespread at the start of the twentieth century but with the advances that have been made in the medical field, it has progressively fallen down the pecking order of preferred medications.

An ideal antibiotic is effective even when only a small dose is used. This means that it is highly efficacious. Additionally, it needs to have a wide therapeutic range. This implies that to produce adverse reactions or lethal outcomes very large doses are required. This also means that such a drug is fairly safe. The colloid did not appear to fit this profile as well as other drugs which is the main reason it has fallen out of favor.

The colloid is effective against many organisms that infect the skin and mucosal body cavities. One of the uses that has persisted over the years is its incorporation in endotracheal tubes to act as prophylaxis against pneumonia. Such a measure is necessary in patients requiring intubation during general anesthesia or those that require prolonged ventilator support in intensive care units. The same principle has been applied to cardiac and orthopedic prostheses.

There are many formulations that are available for medical use. They include the creams, wound dressings and ointments. The cream is one of the most popularly used treatment for burn injuries. Its role in such injuries is to minimize loss of water thus maintaining the physiological homeostasis and to keep bacterial organisms in check. Dressings that have been impregnated with the colloid are used in the management of chronic, non-healing wounds such as those associated with diabetes.

When reacted with various salts, useful compounds are formed. Silver nitrate is one of such compounds. It is an important ingredient in the eye ointment that is usually given as prophylaxis against conjunctivitis in newborns. It is also used in dermatological conditions such as genital warts and corns.

The most feared complication of the colloid is known as agyria. This condition is characterized by a blue or gray color change of the skin after accumulation of silver over time. When these areas are exposed to sunlight, a reaction ensues and the color change is seen. This effect is most pronounced on the face and hands since they are the parts that are usually exposed to the sun.

The element can also accumulate in other organs other than the skin. Those that are frequently affected include the brain, the kidneys, the heart and the liver. This is most likely to take place in cases of sustained use and when very high doses are involved. This complication has the potential to cause organ shutdown. There is no effective treatment available at the moment but laser therapy is still in experimental stages.

While it is true that silver based treatments have continued to fade over the years, there are some aspects where the element is an integral aspect of therapy. Using the therapies in very high doses or for a prolonged duration of time is likely to lead to detrimental effects. Its use should therefore be guided by prescriptions from a qualified professional.

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