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Taylor Ricketson

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Fine Points Why Helium Leak Testing Is Totally Effective

Are you running a business wherein you give services to companies or home owners whenever they need to detect leaks on their electronic units. If yes, then you definitely need a vacuum leak detector that will help you do your job. With this, you know that there is no small or big hole that will get pass your detector under helium leak testing Texas.

But in all the years you have used this helium leak testing, do you know why this is the one that is used commonly by everyone and why is it effective. It is due to the characteristics of helium. If you would like to know what these characteristics are, you may read what is in the next couple of paragraphs.

It is safe to use. Naturally, the gas is non toxic and the same time inert. It is also non reactive and inflammable comparing it to hydrogen, which proves that you can really use this as it is safe. Well, you may heard numerous stories about the threats you can get in the gas especially when you inhale a lot of it, it can cause suffocation. But cases like this rarely happen in this type of testings.

The other one is that our atmosphere contains only a very small amount of helium. Due to this very small presence, gas can easily be detected. The detection is very clear that you could identify the degree of leak.

Also, this gas has molecules which are very tiny and light if this were to compare with those other gases. With this, the degree and level of the hole on your electronic unit can be identified efficiently. The reason behind this is that the gas could just easily flow to the holes is so tiny and light, be the hole is small of big.

One of the reasons why the helium could be detected easily is because of its ions. Also, most of the detectors have a very special quality that will determine the quantity of gas that flowed through the leak. If you like to confirm the testing, you can do the entire process again.

Aside from the characteristics, there are two methods in doing the detection. The first one is the spray probe method wherein it offers the highest sensitivity. Yes, the vacuum system can directly connect with the gas thus making the entire process of testing easily done and fast.

Two is sniffer probe method. The method is flexible to use comparing it with spray probe method. The only slight difference it has is its sensitivity, moderate but still efficient to use. This is because the gas that went through the vacuum can immediately escape due to lightness of the molecules.

There is really a big difference in using these leak detection method compared to the traditional methods. This is because modern methods could give you accurate data, like its quantity. The traditional only lets you see bubbles if you use the bubble testing or the pressure drop. Thus the modern methods could effectively give solution to every leaks wherein you can also improve the production of your business.

Check out for valuable tips for selecting a provider of helium leak testing Texas services, today. You can also get more information about a reliable service provider at now.

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