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Enroll In TABC Seller Server Certification

You are a waiter or waitress and want to expand your knowledge of safely serving wine, beer and other alcoholic beverages. Your job may or may not be in an establishment that serves alcohol, but you want to get your TABC seller server certification (Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission certification)to protect both yourself and the business you are employed by. The knowledge you will gain in understanding the rules and regulations will assist you in many beverage service jobs that you may be hired for in the future also.

And this course is not just for servers. Bartenders, supervisors, managers, catering directors, and banquet directors will all benefit from this course, as it delves into the specifics of alcoholic management. Even those who deliver beverages that contain alcohol may benefit from taking these courses. Many businesses require an employee to have this certificate in their possession before they can begin their new position.

The courses are not offered by the beverage commission; rather, they are contracted out to private companies who may teach other courses such defensive driving or food sanitation as well. The courses are also offered online for quick and easy access. Online courses allow individuals to work and study at their own pace in the comfort of their own home, but actual classes may be better due to the real life instruction and opportunities for questions and other interactions.

The classes toward earning this certificate teach those who attend to watch out for the signs of over-indulging. How to cut off an inebriated customer is also reviewed and demonstrated. Refusing service to a customer can be very intimidating, but the course teaches common techniques and methods to be subtle but effective.

The course also reviews the problems with underage drinkers. Those who take the class are instructed as to how to determine if an ID is real or fake. It also reviews the most common scenarios for teenage drinking.

There are very high penalties for failing to follow the rules and regulations of the commission. Most are monetary, but some can involve the total shut-down of the business or even jail-time if the employees are not in compliance. All waiters and other personnel need to have a clear understanding of what could happen if there is an issue. On the more positive side, those businesses with certified employees may be able to get a break on the business insurance.

There are other certificate courses to pursue if you are a waiter or waitress. One of these could be the food manager certificate Dallas businesses offer. It could help you become a much more knowledgeable individual in this fast-growing and changing industry. Your TABC certificate will be good for two years and then you will have to take the entire course again. This is a good thing as laws and regulations do change.

Taking this alcohol management course and having this certificate in hand will help prepare a waiter for the unexpected. You will learn how to deal with so many situations and avoid legal hassles just by taking the class and passing the test.

When seeking When seeking food manager classes Dallas Fort Worth businesses can truly rely on the information that is displayed on our website. Come and get all the essential details by visiting us today at

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