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An Employment Discrimination Attorney Seattle Can Provide Advice

Employment discrimination is a highly emotive topic. People want to know that their rights are being respected and that they are being treated properly at work. If discrimination is taking place, employers are sometimes not sensitive to the grievance of the employee. In such cases, the employee may consider making use of an employment discrimination attorney Seattle in order to expose the situation and have the employer address it.

There is more than one type of discrimination in the workplace, and so as a basic principle it can be divided into its different manifestations. The most common and well-known of these are racism and gender chauvinism. The latter is usually directed at female employees. These two kinds of discrimination are the most traditional and should be addressed immediately.

The discrimination against female employees that takes place sometimes is based on an old attitude that militates against women. It is either based on the assumption that women are not capable of doing the job, or at least not as capable as men are, or that they have no authority over male employees.

For example, they may be seen as incompetent in the actual job. The ability of women to perform their professional functions should not be questioned. The fact that a person is a woman does not impact on their ability to do their job and as such it should not be raised at any time. Female staff with the same qualifications as male staff should not be seen any differently on a professional basis.

Another problem is that women are regarded as inferior to men and therefore cannot have authority over male staff or manage them. Female management should be respected and obeyed, just like male management. If male staff have the attitude that they are not required to obey or respect female management, the organization is not going to function properly and the employment environment is not going to be professional.

Racism is another serious problem in the employment environment. It can cause a massive public outcry. This has been seen in the past in America, where affirmative action and racism in general have caused public tension and argument. Racism itself is not limited to "black-white" arguments and there is also a list of other angles of racial discrimination that can cause trouble in the workplace.

A more modern issue is that of AIDS, or HIV status. Employers sometimes need to know the HIV status of an employee. However, staff do not like to reveal this status. Some employers refuse, on principle, to employ anyone who is HIV positive, while others are unable to due to operational requirements. It is for each employer to compile their own policy on HIV, so that they are able to maintain their operations and also so that employees or potential staff are respected.

The employment setting is a professional environment and one which requires purely professional behaviour at all times. Discrimination, such as racism or gender-based discrimination, is not tolerable in that environment and as such it should be investigated and subjected to disciplinary procedures immediately. The image of the employing organization can be negatively affected and its operations can be hampered or even obstructed entirely.

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