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Kathleen Kane

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Official Decrease Concerning Youth Unemployment In South Africa

The issue of the lack of jobs in the country of South Africa is becoming worse. Youth are staying at home, because there are no jobs. The country has one of the highest rates of unemployment in the world. There are many factors currently contributing to this high rate and the obvious youth unemployment in south africa is one that is depressing and discouraging.

The youth of the country are sitting at home as there are no jobs. There are young people from all walks of life that are unemployed. There are ones that come from rich families and ones that come from poor families. Irrespective of whether they are educated or not, the young people find it hard to find jobs.

A job is basically where one person is hired to provide a service and is remunerated for it. Now a person can and should only hire another person, if they have the money to pay them. There is a lack of people prepared to pay others to provide a service, especially since most processes are becoming simplified and replacing the need for human beings.

People are unemployed all around the world. Rich and poor alike. Some countries have more people working than sitting at home, while other countries have a higher number of people that not in jobs than those who have jobs. Usually countries with a high population have more people at home, since the jobs available are not enough fro the number of people that there are.

This issue is carrying in the present day. There was always a lack of jobs, but it was never at this level. Recently, this issue has been blown out of proportion and if change is going to be implemented, it must be done as soon as possible. The time to address the issue is now. If left in this state the problem will get out of control.

There is no clear answer as to why this situation has gotten out of control, however a certain level of responsibility should like squarely on the governments shoulder. It is their duty to provide jobs for the people of the country, especially the youth and future generation. It is also a matter of a large population and there simply not being enough jobs to accommodate the growing number of people in the country.

Job creation should be the country's number one priority since the country has the highest rate in the world. There are various ways in which this problem can be handled, but the government needs to come together to discuss a plan of action on how they are going to help out the future generation of the country. If the country comes together to resolve this issue, there will be a positive change.

If all else fails, the young people of the country that do not have jobs can make their own way. They should contemplate doing home jobs or becoming self employed. Everyone has a talent and it should be used to benefit you when you need it the most. If you are desperate enough, you will do anything to bring home an income, while you are waiting for the job situation to improve.

If you are searching for information about youth unemployment in South Africa, you should pay a visit to our web pages here today. Additional details can be seen at now.

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