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Katie Hale

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Five Tips For Coming Up With Company Name Ideas

The company name is one of the core factors of a business because it is the one thing that can separate one business from another. It is the brand name and will be the thing that will be remembered by the clients. For those who are starting up a business, here are some tips on how to come up with good company name ideas.

Now rule number one would be to always follow the rule of keeping things very short and simple. Now if it is too long, then obviously the customers will not retain it into their heads because people in general just want to remember short brand names. The rule would be to keep it to a max of just three syllables so that it can be remembered easily.

Now the second rule would be to make sure that the trademark is actually relevant to the company. Now in order for the customers to remember the company, there should actually be a back story as to why the brand name is what it is. So once there is actually a cool story to go with it, then the customers will definitely remember it better.

Aside from that, the trademark must also have a type of relation to the products and services being offered. For example, a spa will want a name that has something to do with relaxation since relaxation is what they sell. The trademark must have a direct relation to what the business is selling.

Fourth rule is to make sure that the trademark would actually be easy to pronounce so that people will not twist their tongues. Now only those companies that would have foreign sounding names would have this kind of problem. To avoid any type of issues, then the key here is to make sure that no special letters would be used.

Another thing that one has to take note of would be to make sure the trademark is also somewhat connected to the target market or target customer of the business. For instance, an upper class market would need a rather classy name like probably foreign names. Of course the opposite would be for the masses.

Now that one knows some of the rules, it is now important to take note that coming up with the brand is of course not a one time thing. It is a process wherein one will need inspiration and a lot of ideas from anywhere. So for those coming up with the brand, go around a bit and start looking around for any type of inspiration in order to come up with a good brand.

Now if one is going to start up a business, then here are a few tips that one may actually follow. Now the brand is extremely important because it would be the key factor to distinguish the business. Exposure is one of the most important things for a business and the brand is the first thing that must be handled.

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