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Maxine Ewing

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How Much Burberry Dog Collar Cost

Dog collars are pieces of straps placed around the necks of dogs for various purposes. Most of them are designed with metallic buckles for tying around the neck. There are many companies that manufacture and market these products worldwide. Burberry dog collar comes in a specific design that makes it easy to identify when one is making a purchase. They are of high quality to ensure durability.

Collars differ in aspects such as color and size. Aspects of size that vary include lengths, thicknesses, and widths. Sizes are made to suit small puppies, medium, and large breeds of canines. There are perfect sizes for any age and body size. Hence one can always choose what suits their needs. Colors can be single, multiple, or patterned.

The materials used to make collars are very diverse. However, the most traditionally used material is leather. Leather is preferred for its durability and comfort. Items made from leather secure the animal well while providing a high level of comfort. Plastic and other materials have also been used, but to a lesser extent. Normally, rough materials are avoided because they are likely to cause injury.

Most people employ collars on their dogs to give them control over them. Such collars are attached to leashes for the owner to hold and control the movement of the animal. Full control over a dog is usually very necessary during training sessions or when walking them. Without full control, it may take longer to train the canine and they can cause trouble when being walked.

Another function collars are used for is to identify animals. This comes in handy in places where there are many dogs such as in animal clinics. In such places, tags bearing names and other pieces of information regarding treatment are attached onto the band. One can then use the names to easily identify their own canine and avoid taking home the wrong animal. Lost dogs can also be identified by such tags.

In modern-day societies, dogs are decorated and used in shows a lot. As such, collars are also made to add to the beauty of the animal during such events. Decorative collars are decorated and customized for uniqueness. Points may in certain occasions be awarded depending on how well the animal is decorated. That may call for placement of several collars to achieve higher levels of decoration.

There are several other unique purposes bands are used for. For example, some act as warnings to motorists at night. The materials they are made from reflect light during nighttime. Other bands provide buoyancy to help with swimming. They are light and buoyant so as to keep dogs floating. It is more common for service dogs to have these kinds of bands than pet dogs.

One should base their choice of a band on various factors such as coat, size, and age of the canine and the event it is worn on. Buying several collars for various occasions is also advisable. One issue to pay close attention to is the hygiene of the collar. Dirty collars can be sources of disease and other problems.

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