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Maxine Ewing

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Learn Ways To Succeed In Getting Zddp Oil Treatment

ZDDP, Zinc Dialyldithiophisphate, is a compound which was discovered almost a hundred years ago and it is added to motor oils on a regular basis. One of its main advantages is that its very cost effective as compared to other treatments in the market. In relation to this, the following is information concerning zddp oil treatment.

This compound was originally developed to be used in airplane engines but with time it was found to be quite effective for use in truck and car engines. Its mainly used in parts where there is considerable pressure generated at the metal to metal interface and surface wear is known for being a common occurrence. This simply means that it acts as an anti- wear protective agent.

The main reason why it widely used is that it helps prevent wear of machine parts. This means that they get to last longer hence a big conservative of the amount of money which could have been used to purchase other new parts. Also, its anti-oxidant properties and ability to reduce corrosion sees to it that depreciation is kept at its minimal at all times.

Being an additive means that it is added to oils and other lubricants like grease to give them that ability to reduce wearing of machine parts. However, it becomes dangerous when used in high amounts. This is due to the fact that it affects catalytic converters of engines. For this reason, manufacturers have made a point of making the percentage of ZDDP to be as low as possible for their various lubricants.

Many people wonder if ZDDP is so important as an additive to lubricants, then why its level is being reduced in some oils. This mostly has to do with emissions. Due to the fact that it contains zinc, this has raised major environmental concerns in the recent years. Environmentalists claim that this is one of the main factors contributing to global warming in the world today.

In addition to the above, there are still health concerns being raised concerning the effects of exposure to this compound. Scientists have done their various research using animals and have discovered the fact that it irritates the skin and eyes. This calls for people to be extra cautious while dealing with it.

In a bid to fight the negative effects associated with this compound, individuals from all over the world are called upon to join in the fight of educating individuals on how to protect themselves. This includes educating everyone, mostly those who work in the manufacturing companies on the right ways to ensure that they are always safe.

In conclusion, ZDDP is a very important commodity in the market. It has always made sure that machines last for as long as possible through reducing the rate at which they depreciate. As seen above however, it has serious environmental and health effects. Nonetheless, with all the risk management strategies put in place, this ensures that its negative effects are kept at a low.

If you want one of the best diesel antiwear additives on the market today, come to Haas Performance Products. To see how our products can help your vehicle, visit us on the Web today at

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