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Celeste Carmichael

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Selecting Colloidal Silver As A Remedy For Pimples

Treatments for pimples are available by the dozen. However, to get the best results, you need something that really works. Chemical remedies may be the solution for the short term but colloidal silver can offer better results for longer. This is a natural remedy for pimples that break out perhaps for different reasons. There are different ways of using this treatment. You can opt to use the spray or the gel. You may also decide to take it internally to heal the inside of your body, thus preventing future breakouts.

It is possible to go into almost any department, grocery or drug store to purchase products designed to eliminate acne. Many of the chemical options have similar active ingredients such as salicylic acid. While such substances might work for the short term, you may need something else to make the results last.

Natural remedies are often able to give lasting results. Pure colloidal silver is often used for this purpose. This particular kind of active ingredient not only works to kill the bacteria. It also heals the skin and can treat internal causes, therefore preventing breakouts in the future. Of course, the results you receive generally depend on the product you choose.

There are different products available with this substance. Topical treatments include ointments, gels and creams. The solutions are applied to the skin where you have the acne. This should be done after the area is cleansed. Such products are considered to be very safe and may be used several times a day based on the need. This might depend on how bad the acne is and how concentrated the mineral content is.

There are liquid forms of these products as well. The spray is to be used topically on the surface on the body where there are pimples. It can also be used where the skin isn't affected just as a preventive measure. Other forms of the liquid can be taken internally. These versions are meant to get rid of internal toxins that may be causing the breakouts.

If you choose to take the mineral orally then you are advised to check for the recommended colloidal silver dosage. The instructions may vary depending on the product and concentration of the mineral. You can usually find the directions on the label or packaging. They may require you to take smaller doses but several times a day depending on the results you want.

When you want to get rid of the blemishes and prevent future breakouts, you are encouraged to use the products on a regular basis. This will offer better results. The time required to see a difference may vary based on the formula and the severity of the pimples.

Acne is an issue dealt with by many people of various ages. Sometimes the problem can be stubborn but it can be helped by the right solution. Products with silver in it can be of assistance because the mineral kills germs and has healing properties. By using the topical treatments and taking the liquid products orally, you may reduce the appearance of the blemishes and prevent future breakouts.

If you are in search of the best online source for pure colloidal silver, check out the Gold2Live website. Discover all the good things we have for you, when you go to today.

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