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Delphine Rodriguez

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It's Safe To Use Colloidal Silver Daily

Alternative medicine is based on old wives' tales, home remedies from all cultures, and lore passed down over the ages. However, much of these traditions have been validated by scientific research and clinical studies. This is helpful, since it reveals how time-tested remedies work and why, and reassuring, since conventional medical authorities often issue dire warnings about alternative healing methods. Colloidal silver is an ancient remedy still used today by consumers who ignore FDA warnings in order to find out for themselves if the favorable reports are true.

Scholars believe that this lustrous mineral has been used for over 6,000 years. Ancient civilizations knew it could help heal wounds, even if they didn't know about germs. For over 120 years before the discovery of penicillin and other modern antibiotics, it was the most effective germ fighter commercially available.

Silver's antiseptic and antimicrobial action has led to many industrial uses. It purifies water for spaceships and many municipalities around the world. Although many health professionals deny silver's benefits as a supplement, it does medical applications. However, historic claims and accounts of healing from the general public haven't impressed the FDA, the United State's government watchdog agency that supervises its health care.

Scientists have proved that the mineral kills pathogens in test tubes, apparently by inhibiting essential enzymes. This antimicrobial effect, combined with extremely low toxicity, makes it ideal as a disinfectant for hospitals and food preparation areas. It kills pathogens, being effective against E. Coli, salmonella, staph, and other disease-causing organisms.

More recent research shows that the mineral has anti-tumor properties, as it kills or disables cancer cells. Significant results have been found in tests with breast cancer and lymphoma cells. Although it is lethal for cancer cells, it does not harm or inhibit normal cell activity. Other diseases that the mineral fights include smallpox, SARS, and tuberculosis.

Its industrial uses are many, and it's very green, showing no toxic effects on the environment. The medical establishment uses silver-infused bandages and dressings for wounds, burns, and skin infections. It is given to newborns in the form of eye drops to prevent conjunctivitis. It is also sometimes used with regular antibiotics to combat drug-resistant forms of bacteria, yeasts, and viruses.

For rave reviews, check out the testimonials posted online by satisfied users. This supplement reportedly stops colds and sore throats in their tracks. People say that it can clear up persistent cases of cystic acne and fungus in toe and fingernails. They use it for ringworm and other skin problems in pets. It is said to cure corns. It even seems to help with symptoms of serious disorders like fibromyalgia, Hepatitis C, and emphysema.

Mouth sores and leg ulcers heal up in days with the topical application of this healing agent. Inflammation is decreased, with resulting healing and pain relief. Consumers often cite the exact colloidal silver dosage they used, the time period it was taken for, and the time it took to see results. It is worth noting that the dosages are almost always far less than the level set as safe by the FDA. Research results show that the body does not accumulate the mineral when taken as directed, which supports the belief that this alternative remedy is safe even when taken orally.

Pure colloidal silver is used to treat many ailments and illnesses. To learn more about this solution, refer to the recommended website

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