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How Does the Endodontic Motor Works?

A dental dam — a thin sheet of rubber or vinyl — will be placed over the affected and adjacent teeth. The tooth undergoing treatment protrudes through a hole punched in the dam, isolating it from the rest of the mouth. This allows the root canal treatment to be carried out in a sterile environment free from contamination by bacteria found in saliva or the rest of the mouth.

Preliminary treatment to remove the decay and the source of infection of the pulp is necessary, along with a determination of whether the lost tooth structure can be restored. If a fracture of the tooth has reached the pulp, or infection is associated with gum disease, it could be more difficult, if not impossible, to save the tooth. Of all procedures, root canal treatment equipment can be the most complex and possibly problematic, which requires the utmost attention to detail. They are incredibly time-consuming and require essential products that work cohesively together for optimal patient outcomes. In support of this, Kerr has developed their endodontic offerings with this exact goal in mind: to have them be used harmoniously and efficiently together. From diagnosis, access, to shaping and irrigating to obturation, Kerr Endodontics has a complete line of offerings for both procedures.

In the root canal treatment equipment, endodontic endo motor is one important part. Endodontists as well as general practitioners who treat endodontic cases need a wide range of equipment in their armamentarium to ensure they provide patients with the best care possible. Having the right endodontic equipment on hand plays a vital role in successful outcomes, whether you’re diagnosing a root canal, cleaning and shaping canals or obturating to finish treatment. Endodontic procedures require a great deal of precision, and investing in the right equipment will make you more efficient and lead to positive outcomes.

Depending on the equipment, there are a variety of factors to consider. If you’re purchasing an apex locator, for example, make sure it can obtain an accurate root canal measurement regardless of conductive fluid. When choosing an obturation system, it’s important to consider which product is best for the particular procedure you’re performing. Keep in mind obturation systems should fit in any canal, no matter how narrow. Regardless of what type of equipment you’re investing in, be sure to select a reputable vendor that offers customer support. ?

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