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CRS.CurrikiReviewStatusClass_status_100=Not Rated/Not Rateable CRS.CurrikiReviewStatusClass_status_300=Part of a Basic Resource CRS.CurrikiReviewStatusClass_status_400=Basic CRS.CurrikiReviewStatusClass_status_500=Part of a Good Resource CRS.CurrikiReviewStatusClass_status_600=Good CRS.CurrikiReviewStatusClass_status_700=Part of an Exemplary Resource CRS.CurrikiReviewStatusClass_status_800=Exemplary CRS.CurrikiReviewStatusClass_status_200=Partner CRS.CurrikiReviewStatusClass_status_1=Basic CRS.CurrikiReviewStatusClass_status_2=Good CRS.CurrikiReviewStatusClass_status_3=Exemplary CRS.CurrikiReviewClass_technicalcompletness_0=Not Rated/Not Rateable CRS.CurrikiReviewClass_technicalcompletness_1=Basic CRS.CurrikiReviewClass_technicalcompletness_2=Good CRS.CurrikiReviewClass_technicalcompletness_3=Exemplary CRS.CurrikiReviewClass_contentaccuracy_0=Not Rated/Not Rateable CRS.CurrikiReviewClass_contentaccuracy_1=Basic CRS.CurrikiReviewClass_contentaccuracy_2=Good CRS.CurrikiReviewClass_contentaccuracy_3=Exemplary CRS.CurrikiReviewClass_appropriatepedagogy_0=Not Rated/Not Rateable CRS.CurrikiReviewClass_appropriatepedagogy_1=Basic CRS.CurrikiReviewClass_appropriatepedagogy_2=Good CRS.CurrikiReviewClass_appropriatepedagogy_3=Exemplary CRS.CurrikiReviewClass_rating_0=Not Rated/Not Rateable CRS.CurrikiReviewClass_rating_1=Basic CRS.CurrikiReviewClass_rating_2=Good CRS.CurrikiReviewClass_rating_3=Exemplary are nominating the following resource for review: optional comments: add a comment for your nomination. a note to the Curriki Review System reviewers. For example, what should a reviewer pay particular attention to? If you are nominating a reviewed resource, how has the resource changed since its last review? nomination will not be complete until you click Submit. nominated because highly rated by member you for nominating this resource for rating by the Curriki Review System.

The resource has been added to the queue and will be assessed by Curriki's expert reviewers based on criteria for the relevant Instructional Component Type.

Return to the nominated resource. you for your nomination. Close this window. resource is already nominated. THIS RESOURCE review is incomplete. Please complete all fields. by Rating Reviewed ICT's Notes Completeness Accuracy Pedagogy Text first sentence of your review text will be automatically generated based on the scores you have selected above. Please write a few sentences explaining your choices. You will preview the full text and then submit it. Review text cannot exceed {0} characters. text cannot exceed {0} characters. can only apply N/R in the "Appropriate Pedagogy" category, or in all categories. must select a rating in all categories. Review review has been posted. to the resource review queue
The text below will be posted on the resource's Comments tab. You may submit this review as it currently stands or return to the Review form to revise it. email sent to Queue: Nominated Resources nominated resources for subject Name Level Reviewed Rating REVIEW STATUS FROM QUEUE resource cannot or should not be reviewed at this time. you wish to remove this resource from the Review Queue and make it appear as if had not been nominated, with status "Unrated/Unrateable" and a History revision note "Resource un-nominated," click OK. ACTION THIS A PARTNER RESOURCE you want to set this to Partner, click OK. is a Partner resource. resource is a child of a reviewed parent.*=Select a value...*** give this resource a CRS score of 3*, click OK. give this resource a CRS score of 2*, click OK. =To give this resource a CRS score of 1*, click OK. remove the CRS score of 3* from this resource, click OK. remove the CRS score of 2* from this resource, click OK. remove the CRS score of 1* from this resource, click OK. Review found on Curriki can be rated as part of the Curriki Review System. Rated/Not Rateable Rated/Not Rateable of a Basic Resource of a Good Resource of an Exemplary Resource of Pending Review is a Partner resource. is NOT a Partner resource. you want to set this to Partner, click Next. you want to remove the Partner setting, click Next. Review resource shows a P because it was contributed by a Curriki partner. Curriki works with partner organizations to share curriculum resources with the global education community. resource has not been reviewed. resource was reviewed using the rubric for {0} and received an overall CRS rating of {1}

Its component ratings were:

Technical Completeness: {2}Content Accuracy: {3}Appropriate Pedagogy: {4}

{5} resource was reviewed using the rubric for {0} and could not receive a rating.

Its component ratings were:

Technical Completeness: {1}Content Accuracy: {2}Appropriate Pedagogy: {3}