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Tessellations in lower secondary school classes

In this article the authors want to present a project that was realized at their lower secondary school. The aim of the project was to use inquiry based learning to introduce tessellations to the pupils. This article presents the materials that were created for the project together with teachers experience from the actual lessons. The first lessons were focused on students’ motivation and also revision. Pupils recapitulated or learned some important facts from geometry that are necessary to understand and work with tessellations. In the second part of the project, pupils were instructed to create three versions of a tessellation: a traditional construction, a computer construction and an actual model that would cover their desk. The criteria for the following evaluation of pupils’ work were: use of mathematical knowledge, originality, accuracy, beauty and team-work. During the project pupils had to work individually but at the same time as a team. They had to observe, learn and use their knowledge to complete the goal. The results of their work are presented in this article as well.

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